Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Was so perfect.

We had a fantastic day here. The weather was great.

We got totally spoilt by family and friends.

We had pancakes for breakfast, opened some presents and went to the park for lunch.

We've learnt that all you need to give Malachi is wrapping paper and he's happy. He was so intent on eating the paper, we spent most of the morning saying 'no, we don't eat paper!!'.

It was all a bit too exciting for him. He had to have a sleep between opening his presents, as he got a little too overstimulated.

A perfect day with my little family.

MMM paper...

MMM more paper

My little snowman

 yum yum... dribbles

Chilling at the lake


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to all...

and to all a good night............

Well not really. I will be taking a little blog vacation until early January. The husband is on leave and he doesn't appreciate the blogging world like I do. Which in turn does not make for a great blogging atmosphere.

I wish you all a super duper Christmas and a Happy 2011. Thanks to all my loyal followers and a BIG HELLO to some new followers. It still blows my mind that real people would actually read this here little old blog.

Stay safe lovelies.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Darn you Blogger

A couple of followers have mentioned that they can not post on my blog. Maybe that's why I have been feeling so unloved!

Technology and I don't really get along. If you can help at all that would be fab.

I have set up an email address. And yes it is :)

Many thanks!!!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Christmas and I......

Have one of Santa's reindeer's in my house. Isn't he the cutest!!

I Stole this idea from Jaydee. Head over to her blog to check out her answers.

Wrap presents: Like a 5 year old child. Honestly, I detest wrapping presents, unless they are a nice shape. Like a CD, book, or a box of something. Everything else BLAH!!! I am actually a slight might embarrassed when I hand over presents that I have wrapped.

Have finished shopping? : Almost. Just need to buy the husband a few little things for his Christmas stocking. I was going to go to the Mall as what I need would be cheaper there. But I think I'll just buy it at the local shops. Less chaos that way.

Have on my Christmas list: Breastfeeding friendly summer PJ's, new clothes in general, pretty sandals, air conditioning, a new car and earrings. Not asking for much hey!?

Will be eating for Christmas lunch: A vegie burger at the park at this stage.

Cannot have Christmas without: Pecan pie and a Christmas tree of course.

Like listening to: Christmas with Frank and Bing CD.

Always: end up having a sneak peek at a few things under the Christmas tree. So far I already know we are getting towels from the Husband's grandparents.

Love: How mesmerised the young one is by the Christmas lights. Hello free babysitter!

Do not understand: The need for a hot Christmas lunch in Australia. Honestly the thought of eating that much meat makes me want to puke.

For the first time this year: We are celebrating Christmas as a family of three. WOOP WOOP!! Can not believe this time last year I thought I was dying from morning sickness. Now I have a sweet little (almost) 6 month old.

A new Christmas tradition: Having the little one see Santa with a Hawaiian shirt on. Have also stolen Lauren's idea and the Husband and I are buying each other:
  • Something that starts with the letter of our first name,
  • PJ's and
  • beer/wine/spirits (or food for me as I'm breastfeeding).
An old Christmas tradition: Watching miracle on 34th street.

Before Christmas Day I always feel compelled to: Say I'm going to do heaps of Christmas baking, but then never get around to it.

This year I forgot to: Buy a nice Christmas decoration for Malachi's first Christmas. I don't want a standard 'baby's first Xmas' one. Something pretty, and unique and preferably with his name on it.

My wrapping paper is: Nothing fancy. Just red and white with Christmas trees.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you enjoy the festive season with your loved ones. Will catch you in 2011!!!


Monday, December 20, 2010

A crap Monday turns fab

I thought today was going to be crapola. After the little guy sleeping 10 hours straight last week I thought it was the beginning of things to come. AHHH no. Last night he woke up 6 times in the space of 9ish hours. Not because he was cold, not because he was hungry, but because he thought it was play time. This here Mumma is pooped. Coffee you are my friend.

I entered a compition run by Close Parent Down Under to win one of their fab baby carriers. AND I WON!!!!!! I'm in shock. I never win anything, let alone something as bloody beautiful as this.

Check it out!!!

Oh so pretty. I have heard so many people rave about the close baby carrier. Hubby picked our carrier (a dodgy one I might add) that hurts my back and shoulders so I never carry the baby anywhere. Now hopefully I'll be able to baby wear to my hearts content.

Many many many thanks Close Parent Down Under.

** Photos are from their blog **


Friday, December 17, 2010

The day (a very tired) Malachi met Santa

Here's the photo of the little guy the day he met Santa.

I was actually pleasantly surprised when I went and picked it up. He had been awake for waaaayyyy too long, so I was expecting this photo to be an epic disaster but I quite like it.

He's got some crazy hair happening but that's nothing unusual for my boy.

I'm so tempted to dress him in a Hawaiian shirt every year, you know start a tradition and all that jazz.

Did you go and see Santa this year? Do you have any Christmas traditions?

I'm participating in flog yo blog Friday; play along too.



Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hey, It's Okay THURSDAY

I got this idea from Airing my dirty laundry who got this idea from Glamour magazine. They have a section called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things to be okay about.


• To be a little pissed off that a Mum brought her baby to Mother's Group after he'd been exposed to foot and mouth. Where's the common sense? Just stay at home lady.

• To be excited that we've finally sold one of our cars. Family SUV here we come.

• To hate the fact that the little guy is sick with a cold. He looks so miserable. He has a blocked tear duct as well so he is constantly crying and has snot dripping from his nose. Poor bubba.

• To have a soft spot for Cherry flavoured candy canes. They are only out once a year, may as well make the most of them.

• To be a little grumpy about how much it costs to post things. Thanks for spreading the Christmas cheer Australia Post.... NOT!!!

• To be utterly terrified of bugs, snakes, lizards and spiders.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spreading the Christmas Cheer

Just thought I'd spread some Christmas cheer by posting some recent pictures of our Santa's little helper.

Look at that pout

Who turned out the lights?

mmmm pom pom

My favourite

Gosh he's cute... if I do say so myself.

And do you know who else is spreading the Christmas cheer?

Some uber talented, generous and crafty bloggers who are doing a massive giveaway at Maxabella Loves.

Head on over and check out all the drool worthy prizes you can I will win. Nothing like positive thinking hey!?


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tired Baby + Santa

I've been meaning to take Malachi to get his photo with Santa for ages but just haven't quite gotten there. So today was the day. We were hoping that since it wasn't super duper close to Christmas the line up wouldn't be too bad... hahahaha yeah right!!

We decided we'd have breakfast out at a cafe since we hadn't done that for a while, do some shopping and then go and see Santa. Malachi had quite a big (well big for him) sleep in the pram of an hour or so, so we thought he'd be fine to see Santa.

We drove about half an hour to see Santa. We get there and ......... Santa was having lunch!! Even though he's only there for all of 3 hours!! Hubby wanted to leave and come back next weekend. AH no thank you! Not when the line up will probably be twice as long as it is now.

So we waited around for 45 minutes. Hubby just walking the store trying to keep the little one calm and happy. Me, just standing in line tapping my foot and watching the clock. By the time it was Malachi's turn to sit on Santa's lap he was so tired. His eyes were hanging out of his head.

So, no smiles for the camera. On the plus side though at least he was looking at the camera and not screaming the store down like the poor little toddler in front of us. Santa seemed a bit over it too by this stage. I put Malachi on his lap and he didn't even talk to my boy. How rude.

But I guess at least Malachi was happy and content, and a human!! The lady behind us brought her two rabbits to get their photo taken with Santa. I kid you not. She also decided she'd make a nice sweeping generalisation that all parents are on Centrelink. I felt like turning around and letting her know that actually I'm a nurse, and a damn good one at that. But I decided fighting some one while waiting to see Santa probably wasn't the best idea.

I will have to put a photo up once we collect them in a few days time. At least when he's tired he doesn't scream and cry. He just starts to fidget and make the cutest little noises. I could tell he was super tired though as he was nestling into my shoulder and he never does that.

So I guess in short I'm grateful for a cute and cuddly baby who doesn't scream and cry like a banshee.

I'm also grateful that I have nearly finished all my Christmas shopping so I can avoid the masses of people who decend on the mall at this time of year.

I don't know what it is about this time of year but people seem to forget they have a brain and like to walk at the pace of a snail and either stop in the middle of the walk way to have a chat to some one or stop at the top of an escalator to have a chin wag.

What are you grateful for this week?


Friday, December 10, 2010

Are we too security concious?

In my last post I spoke about the fact that I miss having a penpal.

Growing up in a single parent household I used to get letters from my step sister all the time. She was only a year or so older then me, but gosh I so looked up to her. I used to think she was the coolest thing since sliced bread.

She had pretty handwriting, a funky doona cover, a boyfriend (gasp!). I loved receiving her letters as she'd always draw a little picture, or a poem, or put in some photos of us from my trip to Dad's place.

Well the lovely Maxabella commented on my last post and mentioned postcrossing. It's a project that allows anyone to receive postcards (real ones, not electronic) from random places in the world. I googled it and had a look... I was about to sign up when I realised I had to put in my REAL NAME and REAL ADDRESS  into this online form type bizzo. (obviously, otherwise how else would I receive said postcard).

Now I don't know why, but the idea of telling a stranger my real name and address freaks me out. I'm not a Nanna, I've done my fair share of internet banking, and internet buying. But for some reason I just can not bring myself to enter such personal details into a form.

The idea of receiving a lovely postcard from someone on the opposite side of the world appeals to me, that's for sure. However the security concious me baulks at the idea.

Have you ever participated in an online pen friend website? Are you security concious like me or am I being an idiot?

PS: I've decided to participate in flog yo blog Friday. Play along too :)



Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hey, It's okay THURSDAY

I got this idea from Airing my dirty laundry who got this idea from Glamour magazine. They have a section called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things to be okay about.


  • To be well and truly sick of the rain. Our dams are 100% full, my veggies are growing like crazy, there's mushrooms popping up in random places in the yard... enough now. Come back another day.

  • To be a little bit sad that we are not spending Christmas in Queensland with the extended family.

  • To hate the fact that people always have a go at other people's choices on how they parent. Enough already!!

  • To love sending out Christmas cards, with a cheesy family note of course. Pity my nice lovely handwriting has turned to scrawl since I don't write much anymore.I don't think shopping lists count as writing right?

  • To be a slight might jealous when I see people with a beautiful baby bump (Yep crazy I know).

  • To be super excited that my gorgeous friend and her two lovely little girls are back in town for a week.
    Must finish the girls name canvases!!

  • To miss having a pen friend. I miss that excitement I used to get when I'd check the mail box. Now I know there will only be bills, bills, and more bills when the postie comes to my house.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How peculiar

Do you ever check your blog stats?

I've just found out people have been referred from I have never been on this site and can't fathom how people make their way from that blog to mine ??

Does it freak you out when you realise someone from Malaysia, or Croatia or Russia have been reading your blog? I find it a bit mind boggling that someone from another country would read this here little old blog.

I also learnt that people stumbled across my blog after googling Kate Miller Heidke and 'pillow under my' .... how very odd indeed!!

** And on a completely random note how funny is the word peculiar**


Writers Block

** I know this image has nothing to do with writer's block but it's cute, right? **

I often have great blog posts floating around my head as I'm trying to drift off to sleep. Of course laziness prevails and I just think 'oh I'll write about that tomorrow' and I either a) Can't remember what I was even thinking about or b) Just couldn't be arsed sitting at the computer to blog.

Maybe if I had more followers I would blog more often. But because not many people read my blog I figure 'meh' no one is even missing me anyway ;)

Does writers block strike you often?
How do you overcome it?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Not so fab Friday

What a week. It seems to have been one long day after day after day of the wee one whinging and grumbling and moaning.

Put him on the floor, he rolls onto his belly and cries. Roll him back onto his back, he rolls onto his belly and cries.

Put him in the bouncer.... yep you guessed it, cry. The bouncer used to be one of his favourite little thing when he was a wee one. Not anymore. He just tries to do sit ups in the bouncer. Might be time to put this one in Harry's cupboard until we have another baby.

Activity centre? You've got to be kidding!! He chucks a little tanty and throws himself around in the seat.

This Mumma is tired. I feel like I'm a piece of string being stretched in all directions.

AM... ABOUT... TO... SNAP!!

I always knew patience wasn't my strong point. I don't know whether it's because it's been raining like crazy this week and we've been cooped up inside, or whether it's just time for some baby free time. But the constant moaning and grumbling by the little one is grating on my nerves BIG TIME.

The husband has decided tomorrow he'll take the baby for the morning. So I'm booked in for a hair colour and cut... and I might ever squeeze in some eyebrow waxing. Oh and I'm off to pick up my new iphone.

I'm so looking forward to it. Oh that and putting up the Christmas tree. Come back next week for my entry in Bubby Makes Three's Show it like it is challenge :-)

What are you looking forward to this weekend?


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

He's coming to town!


Santa of course!

I can not believe that it is December already... and only 24 days until Christmas. Oh Gosh!!

I'm actually really organised this year (surprisingly). Just waiting on a few personalised gifts from Snapfish before I post off the goodies to the loved ones.

Still have not bought anything for the husband... he's so hard to buy for!! Whenever I ask him what he'd like he responds with something silly like 'a kiss and a hug'. Cute, but not at all helpful.

I thought I'd post my Christmas wish list, five things that I would LOVE for Christmas.

1. A cleaner for a year
Not having to scrub the toilets for a year? Priceless. A girl can dream right!?

2. A day of pampering bliss
Hair cut and coloured, pedicure, manicure, full body massage, facial. Even getting my eyebrows waxed would be nice. Just a day all to myself.

3. An overseas holiday
Actually, just any kind of holiday will do. I am getting stressed out and grumpy lately so need some time away to relax and recharge these Mumma batteries.

4. A Wardrobe full of beautiful new clothes
I've blogged about it before. Shopping just ain't what it used to be now I have a little one. By the time I actually get organised and leave the house I'm over it already. Maybe Trinny and Susannah can pay me a visit and make over my wardrobe?

5. Health and Happiness for my family in 2011
Corny I know. But there's nothing more precious then my family.

What's on your Christmas wishlist this year?