Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cloth Nappying

I have been persevering with Huggies disposables for a while now, but in all honesty I hate them. They don't sit on the little man properly. The grip tab bits sit right where his legs move so you can hear them slowly but surely coming undone and slipping down to expose his bum.

I wanted to try cloth when I was pregnant but there are so many varieties, brands, sizes, colours it all just freaked me out. I chickened out and went the disposable route.

Well not anymore. I did a bit of research and have decided to use the all in one cloth nappies, the non sized one so I don't have to continually up grade the sizes. The reason I'm looking at AIO's is less work for me, and I might have more luck convincing Hubby to go cloth this way.

He's been less than supportive of this, for God knows what reason. Every time I mention it he does this annoying laugh. So not funny. It's really grating on my nerves. He thinks they are expensive and a lot of work, and heaps of washing. I'm the one that does all the washing anyway. So an extra load every two days isn't going to kill me.

I did suggest if he's worried about the cost we could buy some second hand MCN's. There's a facebook page dedicated to buying and selling second hand cloth nappies. But no. Heaven forbid his son wears second hand nappies.

Okay Husband rant over................

A lovely friend Katherine suggested I give the dream dri version2 cloth nappies a go. They are on sale at the moment at Close Parent Down Under on facebook as they are trying to make room for their version3 nappies. I ordered 5 to try. I wanted 10 but the husband said no.

Fingers crossed I'm on to a winner and I can have a stash of cloth nappies for reasonably cheap.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

Nicole at Bubby Makes Three blogged recently about some very lovely people who have stopped and bestowed some kindness on her and her kiddies. I was going to comment on her post but thought it would be too lengthy for a comment box so I'll blog about it instead.

I blogged recently about my hellish trip to the mall to go Christmas shopping and the rude customer service I received at a few department stores. What I didn't mention however was me bestowing some kindness on a Grandma and her grand kids.

Now I should probably start off and mention, I hate it when you are lining up at a store and the checkout next to you opens and people from behind you go before you. Annoying right!?

Anyway, I was at Kmart and there weren't too many registers open so the line ups were crazy long. I was lined up behind the Grandma, who was lined up behind this lady who was buying half of Kmart and then paying with it all with a gazillion gift cards. This poor Grandma was beginning to look frazzled as her grand kids were getting a bit fidgety.

So the check up opens beside me and I was so tempted to just buy my one item and get the hell out of there. But the Nana looked at me with these tired weary eyes, and I just smiled and let her buy the toys in her hands.

And the best part? She was so grateful and so thankful and spoke to her grand kids about doing nice things for others.

Have you been the recipient of some random kindness lately? Or have you been the one spreading the kindness?


Friday, November 26, 2010

Fantastically freakin' awesome Friday

Incase you hadn't notice I'm so excited. A few things have made me happy this week, such as:

* Finding out Crazy 8 is having a sale.
I have never ever shopped/bought anything from an overseas site, but thought I'd have a look and have found some very cute things. Plus, I think I may have found someone to share the postages costs with. Can you say bargain?

* Harry Potter is the Mums and Bubs movie next week.
I thought for sure I wouldn't get to see it on the big screen and would have to wait for it to come out on DVD. But hoyts have granted my wish.

* This time next week we will be setting up the Christmas tree.
Finally. I have tried to convince hubby to set it up early but he has his heart set on waiting until December.

* I have nearly finished the Christmas shopping.
I have ordered a few things from some online stores, to save going to the hellish place which is the mall. Now fingers crossed they arrive with plenty of time to on post them to people's houses.

Happy weekend friends


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things that make me go HUH!?

The following things have made me stop and think "what the?!"

* Why oh why did poor Chez and Brenton's unit on The Block not even make reserve? Sure some of their decorating touches (such as fabric doors) weren't too everyone's tastes but seriously?! They put in all that hard work and got zilch for their efforts!

* Why Channel 9 WHY did you give Shane Warne his own television show? Are you that desperate to fill in a time slot?

* Why does a certain annoying bird come and sit on our balcony early in the morning and make loud noises? We have thrown bark at it and it still feels the need to come back day in day out and wake us up at un-Godly hours

* Why am I such a clutz? I have bruises all over my legs. Certainly not the hot Mumma look I was after

* Why do people turn nasty around the Christmas period? I went shopping the other day and the service I got in two different stores left a lot to be desired. Sure, I've worked retail over Christmas, I know it sucks. But snarling and frowning and being downright bitches isn't going to help your situation. Put a smile on your dial ladies!

** I saw this idea at Airing my dirty laundry and thought I'd play along too **


Friday, November 19, 2010

'Show it Like it Is' Challenge

Nicole from Bubby Makes Three blogged recently about how lovely show room homes look.

You know what I'm talking about. Nice polished tables, bench tops that glean with cleanliness, not a piece of rubbish in sight.

I'm the first to admit I love a clean tidy home. I try my best, really I do.

But there are times, like this week, when I've been out of the house more hours then I've been in it.

When I'd rather go to the movies for the first time in six months then worry about vacuuming, mopping and putting on yet another load of washing.

When a clingy boy is teething and won't let you put him down for a minute unless you want to hear the shriek that will bellow from his mouth.

So anyway, this is the current state of my kitchen.

Pretty darn messy!!

I tell my husband all the time to take out the rubbish. He walks past the bin every morning on the way to the bus stop. But every single week our rubbish pile builds up. I get sick of nagging. So I guess I just turn a blind eye to the bin pile.

I actually did wash up last night. And even put the dishwasher through. But after that my cleaning burst ended. My energy stores were depleted.

The Amazing Race and a packet of M&M's were calling me. So the dishes were left to drip dry.

I did hope that the dishwasher fairy would come and unpack the dishwasher while I slept. She didn't.

So the breakfast dishes are still piled on the bench.

Sigh. What I wouldn't give for a cleaner right about now!!

Feel free to play along too.

That way I mightn't feel so bad for having a kitchen that looks like a bomb has gone off in it.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Letter to Malachi – Four months old

Better late than never!!

Hello there cheeky chops. Wow four months old already! I know I’ve said it before but you are such a big boy now. You haven’t grown that much in weight or height this month (6.97kgs and 65 cm tall) but it seems like you are learning new skills each and every day.

You can now roll from your belly to your back, but only when it suits you. I managed to capture it on camera, and you look awfully proud of your efforts. You are also much more content and happy to spend some time on your belly just looking around taking in the world from a different point of view. Rolling from back to belly hasn’t quite been achieved yet, though you are very good at rolling from your back to your side, especially when playing on your play mat.

You love the sound of your own voice, and have perfected the squeal. I am trying to teach you inside and outside noises, but you don’t really listen. You have a new bed buddy, Bluey, which the Hallas family gave to you. You like to nuzzle your face into Bluey when sleeping and chat to and slobber on him when you break free from the wrap.

Your sleeping is going very well. You self settle yourself to sleep 99% of the time. The only sleep we have problems with is the sleep after your bath. You’d much rather stay awake after the bath, being downstairs with Mummy and Daddy. You generally only wake up once or twice a night for a quick feed and cuddle. I am feeling more human now and I think Daddy appreciates less wake ups during the night too. You are sleeping in your own cot now in your big boy room. I miss having you next to me in your bassinet or the portacot, just listening to you breathing.

Your first tooth is yet to make an appearance, but I don’t think it’s too far off. You are constantly dribbling and munching on anything you can get your hands on. Your new obsession is eating anything made out of cloth. It doesn’t matter if its clothes, a bib, a cloth nappy or a washer it all ends up covered in drool. You love story time and your favourite books at the moment are Incy Wincy Spider, Where’s the Green Sheep and Are You My Mother. You also love nursery rhymes and your favourites at the moment are The Grand Old Duke of York and Humpty Dumpty.

You are still such a happy and content little boy who is always smiling or giggling. You fill our lives with such joy, laughter and happiness. I’m so happy to be your Mum.

Happy four month birthday my beautiful little man.

Love Mummy


Friday, November 12, 2010

A Very Special Remembrance Day

Yesterday the 11th November at 8.34pm my 15 year old sister gave birth to my beautiful baby niece.

She weighed in at a massive 4.43kgs, 57cm long and 36 cm head circumference. The not so little beauty is yet to be named.

She laboured for 13 hours drug free before having an epidural and catching a few Z's. Then she was ready to bring her daughter into this world. And I'm proud. So very proud.

I have been struggling with how I felt about this situation ever since I found out my sister was pregnant. And I guess I still struggle to see my 15 year old sister as a Mother.

But labour and birthing is just the beginning of a long, beautiful, rewarding, difficult and sometimes stressful parenting journey.

Now I just pray that her and her 'boyfriend' (I say that lightly as I'm not sure how long he'll stick around for) step up to the plate and love, guide and cherish this baby girl.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Yummy Summer Salad

This is my Mother in Laws recipe. It's so easy and delish I thought I'd share it.


3 small bok choy, stems and leaves chopped
Fried egg noodles. I use Wokka thin egg style fresh noodles, they come in a pack of two but I only use one for this amount.
100 gm toasted almond, halved
1 bunch shallots, chopped

¼ cup olive oil
1 tablespoon soy sauce
½ tablespoon white vinegar

Stir fry the bok choy and egg noodles in a little olive oil. You want the bok choy to stay a little bit crispy and not soggy.

Dissolve all the dressing ingredients together in a small saucepan over a medium heat. I don’t always use all the dressing, just put in as much as you like.

Toss nuts and dressing through the bok choy mix just before serving.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Obsessed

I know I've blogged about it before, but I heart MadeIt. There are so many wonderful and unique treasures on there, I just can't stop browsing!! Here's a few I've stumbled across recently. The only thing I haven't found yet is a lovely personalised Christmas stocking for Malachi. There are heaps on Etsy, winter themed though for only $25 but with the postage costs it brings the total to over $40! For one little Christmas stocking.

Here's what I'm loving this week.

Lamp bead Pendant

Gorgeous Owl Fabric Print

Photographic Fine Art Print

Junior Masterchef anyone?

More Nursery Artwork

A little comforter to snuggle up to

What are you loving today?

Monday, November 8, 2010

There's a snake in my boot!!!

Barry's long lost relative perhaps?

Well not quite.... there's actually a very cheeky blue tongue lizzard hiding in our garden.

We first saw Barry when we were pulling out the plants for our new vegie patch. He scurried (can blue tongue lizzards scurry?) from the garden bed to under our hedge and we hadn't seen him since. I thought that perhaps we'd upset him by destorying his home and he had packed his bags and moved to another garden. But we were wrong.

I saw him this morning sunbaking near our outdoor setting. But by the time I got off the phone to Hubby and found the camera he had disappeared again! Very cheeky indeed. Hopefully next time I see him he isn't as camera shy and I can get a little snapshot of our newest little resident.


Friday, November 5, 2010


What did we get up to this week?


I sliced two fingers open with the plastic lid of the sour cream, DOH!!

I have gone from wearing shorts and skirts to jeans and trackies again... HELLO SPRING!? Where are you?

I realised that I really don't like shopping much anymore *gasp*

I have nearly finished two personalised name canvas's for two special little people's Christmas present

I got super excited that the Summer of cricket has started already. C'mon Aussie c'mon!

I read about 50 pages of a book. The most I've been able to read in AGES.

I have decided that one day of the weekend is for resting and one day of the weekend is for getting out and about.

And on that note, fingers crossed the cussy weather here clears up so we can head to the markets on Sunday. These markets are only held once a month and for the last four months it's either been pouring with rain or the ground is way too soggy to venture out. At the moment it's blowing a gale and the sky is threatening rain, so it's not looking very promising at all.

Plan B would have to be to stay in our Pj's all weekend and have a Harry Potter marathon. Either way, happy days!

Happy weekend. What have you got planned?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Choc Chip Shortbread

I heart cookies. I'm sure my thighs don't but my belly certainly does. Just thought I'd share this recipe. If you're on a diet or counting calories I suggest you turn off your computer now.... or maybe just have one. Though I will warn you, it's very hard to stop at one!

Choc Chip Shortbread

225 grams of flour
115 grams rice flour
115grams castor sugar
225 grams butter
1/2 cup of choc chips

Sieve flour rice flour and sugar into a bowl. Rub in butter then add choc chips. Knead until a smooth paste forms. Turn onto floured board/bench. Make shapes as desired. Prick with a fork and place on cold greased tray or tray lined with baking paper.

Cook in a slow oven (150 degrees) for 45-60 minutes until pale brown. Allow to cool before dusting with icing sugar and storing in air tight container. This recipe makes about 22 shortbread men.

I have also made these using a tablespoon of vanilla essence and 1/2 cup of coconut instead of the choc chips for something a little different.


My little men cooling on their trays

MMM hello tasty morsel

Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Little Vegie Patch

Operation Vegie Patch, as I've nicknamed it, went well on the weekend. We headed to the Farmer's Markets early. Okay well it wasn't that early but my body was urging me to stay in my nice warm bed, where as Hubby was ordering me to get up and get ready.

Anyway, we went and found heaps of cool little things. This one stall had herbs and plants for only $2 so we got the majority of our plants from there. They also had some tasty little food stalls, gourmet pizzas, fresh roasted nuts and a chai tea stand. I am proud of myself and resisted all tasty morsels, mostly because we weren't going straight home so they would have sat in a hot car... but I resisted none the less!!

We were keen to have radish in the garden but couldn't find it anywhere. We even tried Bunnings and Magnet Mart but it wasn't there either.

So here's our little vegie garden, I wish I had of taken before and after shots. There was this weedy look plant growing in there before. I think Hubby has done a great job and I can't wait until we're harvesting our own fruit (but mostly) vegies for dinners

The whole garden

Close up of the 'salad' garden as I like to call it. In the raised bed there's baby spinach, baby cos, rocket, watercress and salad lettuce. To grow over the stand we have snow peas and yellow beans. Then planted around the beds are a selection of herbs: rosemary, mint, basil, thyme, chives, oregano and parsley.

In this bed there's little dutch carrots and capsicum. And in the pot and around the pot we've planted some strawberries that randomly popped up in another garden.

You can just see our hanging baskets in the photos. In one of them we have more strawberries and in the other we have cherry tomatoes. Neither are growing particularly well at the moment. Here's hoping they start to do well soon!!