Monday, March 21, 2011

Big FAT fail

Our first big proper on our own as a family of three holiday was so totally crap. Whoever said holidays with a baby were easy were LYING!! Malachi got a pretty nasty cold on about day two of our week long holiday. Cue needy whinges, 2 hourly boobie feeds, pacing the floors rocking and bouncing a baby to sleep and not much night sleep.

Oh and I was about ready to divorce hubby!! We were both looking forward to a week of relaxing and chilling out. Reconnecting and all that jazz. Instead we were hit with the utterly exhausted stick, and were just snapping at each other over stupid things.

Oh and that's right it was raining, windy and overcast the entire time we were away so me being the good Mummy didn't want to take him out much in the cold. Guess it didn't help that I thought it didn't get cold at the coast so I didn't really pack many warm winter clothes WHOOPS!!

We went to the pharmacy as I left all my cold stuff (euky bear, nasal drops etc) here and they thought he could have croup. Went and saw a useless doctor who could barely speak English who was trying to tell me he had conjunctivitis. Um idiot it's just a blocked tear duct! So he wrote a script for some eye drops (which I just thought meh whatever dude) had a listen to his chest and said 'if it's whooping cough or croup you'll know tonight'. Thankfully it was just a cold. BLAH bloody useless doctors.

The cutest thing was we were sitting having dinner at a golf club, wolfing down our meal as the little one was so super duper cranky and whiny. A little old lady, who would have been around 80 came over and said 'oh you must never get to eat in peace I'll take him for a walk'. I thought it was adorable. Hubby on the other hand thought that a) she was going to run away with him or b) drop him. So the little old lady only got a 5 minute hug before hubby rescued Malachi away from her.

So we're home now. Totally unrelaxed and just as exhausted as we were before we left.

Looks like we'll be looking into another holiday sooner rather than later. Maybe for my birthday (which cough is in less than two weeks. April 3rd incase you wanted to send me a little parcel).

Please tell me holidays with a baby/toddler/small child gets easier?



Amy said...

Oh No :( I'm sorry to hear that it all went wrong. I hate when something you've been looking forward to doesn't work out.

Loz said...

No...thats crapola :( it does get a different kinda way. Eventually they need less stuff, happy to explore and as soon as they are on the move...look out!
I hate it though, like amy side..when plans turn to mush :(
Can only learn hey??!! Loz xx