Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cry Baby Cry

Yesterday we went and got M's needles done and it was bloody awful. Poor little guy had one in his thigh *cue screams and screams* then calms done a little then he got the other one in his thigh and went hysterical!!!! I was sitting in the room next door when it happened (was too much of a sook to hold him when he had them done). When we got home I took off his bandaids and gave him a dose of panadol and and he was all smiles as I was taking his bandaids off! Crazy boy.

He was measured and weighed again and has put on around 250gr in just over a week and is now 61cm tall!! No wonder some of his clothes look a little short!! He'll be in 00 in no time! He's lost one cm in his head circumference HAHA shows it depends who measures etc as we went to a different doctor and nurse this time. The doctor was a nut who told me I need iron as i look pale (code word for you look like shit lady!!) Gee way to make a new mum feel good.

My good little boy was still self settling (putting himself to sleep from awake without his dummy and without us patting, rocking etc) yesterday evening and overnight even after his needles, bless him! Mind you he is SOOOOOO noisy and constant in his protest grunts. I was tempted in the middle of the night to put him in his room so I didn’t have to hear him!! But he only woke once at around 130am and then after close to an hour of listening to the grunting I put a pillow over my head to try and get some sleep. I woke at around 630ish to little kicks in the back, turns out Hubby had had enough of the grunting and put M in the bed to get him to hush it!! What a lovely way to wake up, little kicks and BIG smiles.

He's still his smiling self so I think the worst of the effects of the immunisations is over. Though he had that rotovirus drink which means we need to be super careful when changing him for the next week or so so we don't get vomitting and diahhorea. I have mastitis and am on antibiotics (again) so that and the rotovirus drink means he's pooing like crazy. We've started calling him Stinky Pete (from Toy Story) because he smells so bad.

I start 'new parent group' September the 14th. It's weekly for 5 weeks with the maternal and child health nurse, and then after that you can keep the mother's group up and running by swapping numbers and organising the catch up ourselves (if that makes sense?)

I decided to dye my hair a darker colour as I thought the blonde made me look pale and pasty (obviously the Doctor still thinks I look pale even with dark hair). I got a full fringe too, but not sure I love the fringe. It's a fair bit of work to get it straight and I'm not used to having something on my face. Oh well it's something a bit different for a while.

I have found a new website that I LOVE the book depository cheap books :-) I bought 2 books from Big W today but I'm going to have to take them back as they were cheaper on this website.... and free shipping, got to love that. If only I was organised I could have bought Hubby's father's day present from there. Oh well I bought him two books from there, they'll just arrive after Father's Day. I had to restrain myself otherwise I could have bought MANY MANY books. Might have to leave my wish list out and hope Santa sees it :-)