Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tired Baby + Santa

I've been meaning to take Malachi to get his photo with Santa for ages but just haven't quite gotten there. So today was the day. We were hoping that since it wasn't super duper close to Christmas the line up wouldn't be too bad... hahahaha yeah right!!

We decided we'd have breakfast out at a cafe since we hadn't done that for a while, do some shopping and then go and see Santa. Malachi had quite a big (well big for him) sleep in the pram of an hour or so, so we thought he'd be fine to see Santa.

We drove about half an hour to see Santa. We get there and ......... Santa was having lunch!! Even though he's only there for all of 3 hours!! Hubby wanted to leave and come back next weekend. AH no thank you! Not when the line up will probably be twice as long as it is now.

So we waited around for 45 minutes. Hubby just walking the store trying to keep the little one calm and happy. Me, just standing in line tapping my foot and watching the clock. By the time it was Malachi's turn to sit on Santa's lap he was so tired. His eyes were hanging out of his head.

So, no smiles for the camera. On the plus side though at least he was looking at the camera and not screaming the store down like the poor little toddler in front of us. Santa seemed a bit over it too by this stage. I put Malachi on his lap and he didn't even talk to my boy. How rude.

But I guess at least Malachi was happy and content, and a human!! The lady behind us brought her two rabbits to get their photo taken with Santa. I kid you not. She also decided she'd make a nice sweeping generalisation that all parents are on Centrelink. I felt like turning around and letting her know that actually I'm a nurse, and a damn good one at that. But I decided fighting some one while waiting to see Santa probably wasn't the best idea.

I will have to put a photo up once we collect them in a few days time. At least when he's tired he doesn't scream and cry. He just starts to fidget and make the cutest little noises. I could tell he was super tired though as he was nestling into my shoulder and he never does that.

So I guess in short I'm grateful for a cute and cuddly baby who doesn't scream and cry like a banshee.

I'm also grateful that I have nearly finished all my Christmas shopping so I can avoid the masses of people who decend on the mall at this time of year.

I don't know what it is about this time of year but people seem to forget they have a brain and like to walk at the pace of a snail and either stop in the middle of the walk way to have a chat to some one or stop at the top of an escalator to have a chin wag.

What are you grateful for this week?



Maxabella said...

I hope you share the photo with us! x