Friday, November 6, 2009

6 Weeks Today Baby

WOW, 6 weeks today!! :-)
It's amazing how time goes by so quickly but drags at the same time. I am feeling less stressed of late, mainly thanks to my lovely husband. I've tried to tell him how I'm worried we'll lose the baby etc and he keeps saying 'well eat healthy and exercise and stress less & the rest is out of our hands'. And I guess I do need to remember that and just enjoy one day at a time.

Morning sickness is rearing it's ugly head, but I really don't mind. It's just a little reminder that I have a gorgeous little bubba growing inside me. I went to the GP yesterday and got referrals for blood tests and also a dating scan (at 11 weeks, which seems really late to me, considering you normally have a scan at 12 weeks???). I was going to get my blood tests done yesterday but didn't feel like being sucked dry by the pathology vampires so thought I'd go today. Only problem is I feel worse today HAHA. So think I'll just leave the bloods until my days off next week. Oh well looks like I'll be watching the OC today instead of running errands.

The in-laws are flying down from QLD tomorrow and it's going to take all our strength not to tell them we're pregnant (even though they'll probably guess as I won't be drinking wine). The GP said it's probably a bit early and I agree.
Not sure DH feels the same way but I said if anything were to happen and we lost the baby I just dont want them asking all the time how we feel, when it would be pretty obvious how we'd feel. We're just thinking positive and there isn't much more we can do. I keep telling baby I can't wait to meet them in July.

On a totally different note I nearly spewed this week when I was taking a nasal pack out of someone nose (all covered in blood and snot) so I had to tell the nurse I was working with that I just couldn't finish the dressing as I am pregnant and about to puke. WELL this lovely nurse is from the casual pool so totally won't tell anyone that I'm pregnant. And I left work the other day about 20 minutes early as I was finished all my work. Well this lovely nurse was back the next day & she said as I was leaving the other day two permenant nurses on my ward said to each other 'ooooooooo she's getting a bit of a tummy, do you think she's pregnant??!'

AH OH I'm only 6 weeks pregnant, lets hope my belly can hide until the 13 week mark. Either that or baby loves attention and wants everyone to know that I'm pregnant :-)