Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Writers Block

** I know this image has nothing to do with writer's block but it's cute, right? **

I often have great blog posts floating around my head as I'm trying to drift off to sleep. Of course laziness prevails and I just think 'oh I'll write about that tomorrow' and I either a) Can't remember what I was even thinking about or b) Just couldn't be arsed sitting at the computer to blog.

Maybe if I had more followers I would blog more often. But because not many people read my blog I figure 'meh' no one is even missing me anyway ;)

Does writers block strike you often?
How do you overcome it?


Amy said...

Oh, it get's me all the time. Hence why when I've got the time and headspace, I'll write 15+ posts in one go and set them up to automatically release during the course of a few weeks.

Sarah said...

Ah ;) That's clever thinking!! I didn't know you could automatically release though... shows how much me and computers don't get on :P