Monday, August 22, 2011

Here We Go Again!

Yes that's right we are having another baby! Estimated due date at this stage is April 22nd. I know it's super early to be mentioning it (I'm about 5 weeks pregnant), but I had forgotten how nerve wracking and totally scary pregnancy can be.

I need some support. Want to be my cheer squad?

I'm pooping my pants that something will go wrong. Constantly worrying when I go to the toilet, every twinge/pain/cramp/spasm, I'm a ball of nerves.

Which is silly, I know. It's up to God/the universe/mother nature/whatever to decide. I really have no control.

Which is maybe why I'm struggling? The whole 'have no control' feeling. Typical worrier I am I can't stop with the 'what ifs'.

It took us about 6 cycles to fall with Malachi, and now, after not even actively trying to conceive (we were just taking it easy, letting the universe decide when would be the right time to have another baby) we are pregnant again.

Surely it can't be that easy? Have I been 'good' enough to deserve another baby? If I be the best Mum I can be to Master M, does that mean I get to have another baby?

I might be a ball of nerves, but for the moment I am pregnant and over the moon ♥

PS: If we are facebook friends *cough Loz* please don't mention anything on there. We are keeping things hush hush until at least a dating scan ♥


Friday, August 5, 2011

Get off your high horse

I'm back and ready to vent blog.

I have a question, and it's a question I've been wanting answered for so long, so care to help me?

Why do Mother's judge each other?

Why do we feel the need to pick, and criticise and judge what another Mum is doing with her child/ren?

I belong to a facebook group. I'm pretty sure we're all ladies, all mother's. We have a common interest, and that interest is cloth nappies.

A lady asked what's so bad about the Save our sleep (SOS) book/routine.

Now I understand most of these ladies on the page are into cloth nappies, Baltic amber, co sleeping, baby wearing etc etc.

But their comments; mainly directed at me as we used her times as a guide, and used her self settling methods were disgusting.

Here are a few pearlers:

* Babies starve on SOS as the Mum's don't feed the baby when they are hungry.

* I feel so sorry for babies who's Mum's use SOS. They are missing out on so many cuddles.
I just don't get it. Why does MY babies life involve you?

Why do you think that because we have a routine that I no longer have a brain and don't know when my son is hungry? Surely him doubling his birth weight by 3 months is a good indication that he wasn't ever left hungry.

While I do think some of the reasoning and logic in SOS isn't for me, I would never ever say anything to a parent about that.

It shits me up the wall this constant...... comparison? Competition?

Why don't we support and encourage instead of belittling and supporting others?