Monday, June 28, 2010

The countdown

WOO HOO 39 weeks pregnant! My TENS arrived on Friday so I'm ready for bub's to arrive. I went and got the carseat checked at Kidsafe (for free, how cool is that) and hubby did a good job of installing the carseat. I just had to buy this $5 carseat hook thingo so the seatbelt stays tight.

I am feeling heavier in the pelvis since my midwife appointment so maybe bub's has dropped a little more. Have no idea when bub's will arrive but I'm generally feeling comfortable during the day so I'm not wishing away the last of my pregnancy. Sleeping sucks though. Because the baby is on my left hand side I feel like Im sleeping on a rock! And sometimes sleeping on my right hand side isn't very comfortable either. I am desperate to sleep on my back or tummy again. So over sleeping on my side.

I sent hubby out Saturday to pick up our pram so that's all assembled now. Even pushed it around the loungeroom for fun. We ended up getting the mountain buggy swift in red with the carrycot as well.

My nesting now means that I am sick of how much crap we have (boxes left over from moving)!! So can't wait until our new tv unit and DVD storage arrives. At least that will get the TV off our desk. We sold our old fridge and freezer yesterday so thats less crap we have in the house now!! So pleased. Sick of just having stuff around the house that we don't need. It's really annoying me LOL. Now just to sell our old desk. That would make me happy.

And my enemy is back ....... constipation !!! Oh dear God I was nearly in tears this morning (TMI!!!) I have started on Iron tablets every 2nd day and now it's gone and blocked me up. Definitely the last thing I need so close to labour, that and dermatitis on my nipple!

Anyway that's enough of the oversharing for one day. Here are our 39 week belly pics

39 Weeks

Just ignore the nice scratch marks on my belly.
Trust me to scratch right before we took pictures. Oh the joys of dermatitis

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not so lazy baby

WOW! I know two posts in two days :-) I have just gotten home from my midwife appointment. My appointment went well. Blood pressure is still the same. Had a different midwife and she was great. Wish I had of seen her from the start! She answered my questions without treating me like an idiot so thats good.

And my little baby isn't so lazy anymore. 3/5 engaged with it's little back on the left still (and feet sticking out under my right ribs again!) So only 2/5 of the head about my pubic bone. Still crossing my legs that it stays put until my machine arrives. I do have an appointment made for 40+1 but hoping I don't make that appointment. I told my midwife that I am hiring a TENS and she was raving about it. So hoping it helps us achieve the birth that we are after.

Happy Days :-)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I've been Slack

I have been a very slack blogger as of late, and really I have no excuse :-) I have been lazing around the house, sleeping in, nesting and pottering and cooking. It has been a lovely relaxing lead up to the birth of our little baby.

People keep asking me if I'm over being pregnant and the truth is I'm not. Now that bub's is no longer wedged up under my ribcage I'm feeling pretty good. Sleep is extremely hard to come by though. Not sure whether it's my body getting me used to the broken sleep now, or the constant toilet stops through out the night.

I'm feeling pretty zen about the whole labour thing. I have just ordered a TENS machine and express posted it down so that should be here early Friday morning, and I have my fingers and legs crossed bub's doesn't make an appearance between now and then as I've just paid $89 for the machine hire! C's parents rang on Sunday night and told him they have a feeling I'll go into labour on Thursday (no idea why they think this) so cue hubby running around like a mad man trying to get stuff organised. We have only just put the furniture into the baby's room. And I now need to pack all the clothes etc into the chest of drawers.

Hubby has also decided to be Mr Bossy and has ordered me to pack my hospital bag. I feel like my hospital bag is massive and I only have half the stuff in there so far. I also think I'm in denial too. Less than 2 weeks to go but I'm still pottering along not really stressing about the fact that we'll have a baby soon!!

I have been getting more twinges/back ache/period type pain etc so hopefully my body is preparing itself. I haven't gotten any BH contractions so I have no idea what a contraction feels like. I'm sure I'll know when I'm in labour though?

I had my first ever pedicure yesterday (my god daughter gave me a voucher for my bday way back in April) and I must say I'm hooked!! I had to focus on keeping my eyes open otherwise I'm sure I would have gone to sleep. Only problem is I wore closed in shoes so a few of my nails got smudged. Oh well there's an excuse to go back and have another one once bub's is born.

Now because I've been so slack I have 2 weeks worth of bump pics for you... ENJOY!! And yes that's the same shirt, oh the joys of a maternity wardrobe :-)

37 Weeks

38 Weeks
(And no that's not my bellybutton sticking out it's just my thumb!)


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear Squirt

Dear Cute Little Baby

I'm sure it's not fun being all squished and cramped in my belly. But it's no fun for Mummy either when you kick her in the ribs..... constantly..... especially at night, when I'm trying to get to sleep.

If you could please find a new comfy position (and possibly even start to engage) Mummy would most appreciate it.


Well I can't believe it but I can finally say I'm full term. Today (Tuesday) we're 37 + 2 and besides the constant rib kicks I spoke about above we are travelling along okay. I'm not sure whether it's because I'm on maternity leave and slowly going crazy but I have been super sad lately. I can't say I miss work, but there are certainly people there I miss, and I miss the adult conversation that goes along with working.

It's so hard being in a city where you don't really have too many friends. One of my friends is heavily pregnant and works Monday - Friday so of course she's busy hanging with her family on the weekend. I have two other friends who are pregnant and I am off to have coffee with this afternoon but I just miss some of my QLD friends.

The little fight I had with my sister the other night didn't help either. I know I should probably put in more effort but it's hard because they are just so different to me. I don't approve of their choices and frankly don't want to hear about it.... so what do you talk about then? The weather?

My family seem to think they can treat me like crap and I'll keep putting up with it. I guess I'm at that stage in life where I am trying to find my place in the world and thinking about what values I want to instill in our children and what I want our family to turn out like.

If my friends treated me the way my family has done in the past there is no way they would still be in my life. So why do I have to put up with it from my family??

Monday, June 14, 2010


I have been thinking a lot about family lately. Pretty hard not to since we are preparing to meet the littlest member of our family. I have never been close to my family. I have very little in common with them so I feel like I don't want to talk to them.

One of my sisters 'T' doesn't have a job and spends her weekends drinking with friends, starting at 10am sometimes. Yet she says she can't come down when our baby is born because she has no money. She also texts my husband A LOT and even asked him to keep something from me once. When hubby told me this I was furious. Who texts their brother in law and asks them to lie to their wife? My sister of course!

I am so ready to punch T in the head (bit hard when we live interstate but you know what I mean). She keeps calling the baby 'he' and I just cracked it last night. Silly I know but I asked her nicely just to call it 'baby' or 'bubs' or 'Squirt' (since we aren't 100% convinced bub's is a boy and we've kept baby's sex a surprise from everyone) and she still insists on asking 'how her nephew is'. The other week she called and said she ran into a guy we went to school with and she pretended to be me. When I cracked it at her she said I should calm down and it wasn't a big deal. I actually think it is. Besdies the fact that we are nothing alike and she would have down nothing for my reputation I don't think lying to someone is funny.
My other sister 'A' is 15 and pregnant, and oh so excited about it too. She doesn't seem to grasp the concept that babies are hard work and she won't be able to go out and party with her friend's when the baby is born. She fell pregnant to some idiot at a party. Of course they aren't together anymore, it was just a one night stand after all.
My mum is excited about my baby but not to the extent she is with my other sister and honestly it doesn't bother me. She texts me sometimes to ask how we're going but generally just doesn't give a damn. She said she's coming down when bubs is born but she hasn't been down in the 4 years or so we've lived here so I won't hold my breath.
It's so hard because I want to want them in my life but I so don't need the drama and attitude I cop when I do speak to them. Hmmm, what should I do??

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello Winter

Well winter has well and truly hit here in Canberra. It's only meant to get to 10 degrees today! Team that with a ferocious wind and dark threatening clouds and I'm sure it feels even chillier than that outside.

Life is going well for Squirt and I. Just on the count down to the big day. All this waiting and thinking and anticipating can really do a person's head in though. 'Will the baby come today?' 'Will my waters break at home?' 'Can I really achieve the calm birth that I pray for?' So many little questions and doubts and niggles swirl through your head when you're home alone and nesting.

I've been trying to keep busy though, well as busy as hubby will let me be since I have high blood pressure and the midwife has told me I should be resting. I have baked many sweet treats (chocolate slice, yum yum balls, jam drops, apple and cinnamon muffins) and I have written a list of things I should pack in my hospital bag. I have slowly gathered said hospital bag items and placed them on my chest of drawers..... where they have sat...... waiting for me to iron them.

I'm not that keen on ironing. But I'm even less keen on wrinkly crinkly flannelette pajamas. I can not sleep in flannie pj's that have not been ironed. Call me crazy (as hubby does) but it just drives me mad!! I also have shirts and other bits and pieces to iron.... maybe that could be my task for tomorrow. Stop procrastinating and start ironing. Bub's will be classed as full term Sunday so I really should be prepared.

We went and bought a 2nd hand moses basket on the weekend. We were originally going to just have bub's in the cot. But I stumbled across this little basket and it just was too cute to pass up. Just imagine a little newborn bub's all wrapped up and snug as a bug in a rug in this little basket..... cluck cluck!!
Bubs, hubby and I had some professional maternity photos taken on Sunday and I can't wait for them to be ready to pick up. I'm so glad we ended up getting them done. It was loads of fun, and now we'll be able to send some decent photos of the bump to family interstate instead of my headless belly pics in my pjs. Poor hubby's grandparents have gotten no bump pics because they've just been too boring to warrant sending up. Hopefully the professional ones will be super amazing and we'll just send a few of those up.

Well must keep pottering around the house. I hear the dishes calling my name!?

36 Week Bump Pictures


Friday, June 4, 2010

Sleep Deprived

This is me this morning, except definetly less glamorous than this!

Stupid cussy pain in the ass neighbours from hell last night thought it would be a good idea to have some people over and listen to music until all hours of the freakin' morning!!!!! I was awake from 1am-4am listening to their crap. They are lucky it was too damn cold for me to walk over in my flanny pj's and give them a piece of my mind. Though I do know their real estate agent and am so tempted to call and complain. This is the 2nd time in around a month they have had some kind of party during the week with no consideration of others.... it's very tempting but Im sure DH wouldnt be happy if i complained.

As if sleeping isn't hard enough as it is without adding that to the mix. AND DH decided he would snore, my reflux thought it would come along for the party, as did my leg cramps and my partying little bubs. All in all a great night here in Canberra!!!

Mum just messaged me and said my 15 year old sister is having a daughter. So not in the mood to deal with that crap right now.

Right, off to deal with the rates people and the body corporate people who have both decided we owe them money, and interest even though we didn't get their first notices

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Soup, glorious SOUP!!!

I'm not that keen on winter. It's windy, your lips get cracked, the days are shorter, it's cold..... honestly I could go on. But the one thing I LOVE about winter is soup!!! There's just something so comforting and soothing about a nice warm bowl of soup on a chilly winter's night. So I thought I'd share my lentil soup recipe with you. Try it this week, you won't be disappointed :-)

Lentil and vegie Soup

2 small or one medium onion
3 cloves of garlic (or less if you're not keen)
some ginger (I only add this if we have it in the house)
1/2 medium sweet potato
2 carrots
Pumpkin if you have any
1 medium zuc
a handful of beans cut into chunks
a handful of brussell sprouts cut into quarters
1 cup frozen peas and corn
2 tins of brown lentils
2 tins of canellini beans (You can use whatever tin beans you like)
About 3 cans of tin tomatoes (I used a BIG tin of tomatoes and a smaller tin)
2 stock cubes dissolved in water

So you pretty much just cut all your vegies into equalish sizes so they all cook at the same time. Add a little oil to a big saucepan, add the onion, garlic and ginger and cook until the onion is soft. Add the hard vegies(s.potato, carrots and pumpkin) and cook until just softening. Add all the other veg except for the peas and corn. Cook those until they are just soft. Then you add in all the other ingredients except for the peas and corn. Add enough water to cover the whole thing. Simmer until all the veg is cooked. Stir in the peas and corn and season to taste (You can also add some herbs if you have any. I add some dried mixed herbs but it's lovely with some fresh parsley). Serve with some crusty bread :-)

Stay tuned for some more tasty soup recipes. In the mean time here's the latest belly pics, enjoy!

35 Weeks and 2 days (1st June)

(My stupid belly button has decided to stay half innie half outie!)