Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How peculiar

Do you ever check your blog stats?

I've just found out people have been referred from alphainventions.com. I have never been on this site and can't fathom how people make their way from that blog to mine ??

Does it freak you out when you realise someone from Malaysia, or Croatia or Russia have been reading your blog? I find it a bit mind boggling that someone from another country would read this here little old blog.

I also learnt that people stumbled across my blog after googling Kate Miller Heidke and 'pillow under my' .... how very odd indeed!!

** And on a completely random note how funny is the word peculiar**



Maxabella said...

Stats are so very random... I always forget to check mine. I like the 'came from' area as it's nice to pay a surprise return visit. x