Thursday, September 16, 2010

All is Well

Boobie ultrasound went well. They couldn't find anything nasty which is great. So happy. The guy doing it didn't say a word in the beginning so of course I was freaking out! Doesn't explain the massive pulling I get from under my arm. Maybe I'm just super sensitive and can feel the milk let down or something?? Who knows! The guy also asked if I'd like a biopsy done if it looked normal. Yeah Buddy, shove a big needle in my boob for the hell of it. Of course I declined!!

Also had mother's group Tuesday morning which went well. Sucks being somewhere at 930am though!! Around 75% of the Mum's there had an emergency C Sections!!! Crazy!!! All the bub's were super cute and around the same age which is good. One lady even had twins. Of course my little man just snobbed all the babies. I put him down on the rug on the floor and another Mumma put her daughter right next to Malachi. He just ignored her and continued on with sucking his fist.

I am going out tomorrow night (sans baby) to see Melissa Ohden speak. Melissa is the survivor of a failed saline infusion abortion at approximately six months gestation. If you want to hear more about Melissa's story, this is the youtube video.