Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Mumma doubts herself

Malachi has really slimmed down lately. He was 3.4kgs at birth and doubled his birth weight by 3 months.

Now he's almost 10 months and just under 9kgs (rough guess-timate I just put him on our crappy bathroom scales). I think he looks healthy but Hubby's making me doubt myself. He thinks he's really ...slim. Slim arms, skinny legs, little belly.

Malachi has 3 breastfeeds during the day and the last milk feed at night I've either been giving him breastmilk and then a formula top up, or just formula.

Last night I just gave him formula after the little pain bit me. He had dinner at 5pm, milk at 7pm and he only drank 100mls (he last had milk at 1pm). I know I cant force feed it down his throat, and he's weeing and pooing okay just what you wanted to hear right.

Hubby is somewhat suggesting that my breastmilk is dodgy and we should just switch to full time formula but I know that if I 'gave up' now while I still have milk available I would feel guilty.

GAH don't know what to do. Are we destined as parent's to always second guess and judge ourselves? I don't know what the 'right' thing to do is.

Have you had a milky's dilemma? Any advice to offer?



Amy said...

It's so hard, isn't it? I remember bursting into tears one afternoon when we weighed Will, he'd actually 'lost' half a kilo and I was certain I was the worst parent ever. Turns out the scales were wrong.

Breastfed babies are typically slimmer than formula-fed babies. My son has continued to be slim, when he doesn't have a shirt on you can see his rib bones, which sometimes concerns me- but he's active and healthy in every other way.

If you are really concerned I'd go see your GP or health nurse, but I don't think you have to give up breastfeeding just yet.

Megs said...

My eldest was fully formula fed from 8 weeks and at 12 months weighed 9.2kgs. I'm of the belief that if they are happy, healthy and have free access to the breast then they are fine. It's so hard to just trust, so easy for doubt to creep in, but in the absence of ay other worrying factors try not to stress. 10 months is also about the time they're moving around more. But of course if you're worried at all then speak to a professional.

Typed while feeding, please excuse rambling!

Bubby Makes Three said...

I had a little giggle at the 'bite' bit -- Elliott did that to me last week and I near on dropped him on the floor! Gosh, are you sure the problem is milk, are you giving him 3 good solid feeds as well through the day? I cant really believe how much Elliott is putting away AND he's on 3 milk feeds too. I dunno, if Malachi is happy and healthy and is not screaming for food......... I reckon you should just trust your instincts. Good luck, possum and have a lovely Easter -- do send me a pic of him wearing his Easter onesie?! xo

robyn said...

It wouldn't be your milk- there is nothing wrong with breastmilk- it is rarely 'dodgy'. Maybe he's just becoming more active and developing more muscles? Take him to the doctor if you're really unsure. They are all going to be different sizes, but 9kg is not little. Georgie has a little friend who is 2 months older than her but much much smaller than her- and Georgie is not a big baby!- but the other little one is still perfectly healthy. They're just all different! Also- gosh they hurt don't they? Georgie bit me and drew blood a while back. I screamed so loudly and so then she came off screaming too- it's awful!

Loz said...

Emily has ballooned..then slimmed right down on many occasions. I very much doubt your milk is dodgey! Don't let the seed of doubt sew :)
The more on the move they are..the more they slim down. I am sure you are doing a perfect job..these lil cherubs just like to keep us on our toes xx