Friday, February 11, 2011

Wishes for your Friday

I wish:

* I had a tasty biscuit to dunk into my morning coffee. Heck I'd even take a muffin right about now.

* I was a super smart wizz at HTML so I could make me a new blog background, button and what not. Not really loving the look of my blog which is probably why I've been a super slack blogger of late.

* It wasn't so hard to get a childcare place! 12 month wait at a few I've rung. WTF SHIT! Staying home isn't an option as we need the money *sob*

* The most perfect super duper gorgeous affordable car is just waiting at a caryard, begging us to take it home this weekend.

What are you wishing for right now?

Any amazing plans for the weekend?



Bianca Monger said...

ahh I wish for a bikkie with my coffee too. Friday is shopping day and I always eat all the bikkies before then. I need sugar!!

Loz said...

I wish for a little sleep..or a toddler to be happy with the whole teething process! sing out if I can help with the blog design :)

Loz said...

OOOHH YAY! I can comment now!