Friday, November 5, 2010


What did we get up to this week?


I sliced two fingers open with the plastic lid of the sour cream, DOH!!

I have gone from wearing shorts and skirts to jeans and trackies again... HELLO SPRING!? Where are you?

I realised that I really don't like shopping much anymore *gasp*

I have nearly finished two personalised name canvas's for two special little people's Christmas present

I got super excited that the Summer of cricket has started already. C'mon Aussie c'mon!

I read about 50 pages of a book. The most I've been able to read in AGES.

I have decided that one day of the weekend is for resting and one day of the weekend is for getting out and about.

And on that note, fingers crossed the cussy weather here clears up so we can head to the markets on Sunday. These markets are only held once a month and for the last four months it's either been pouring with rain or the ground is way too soggy to venture out. At the moment it's blowing a gale and the sky is threatening rain, so it's not looking very promising at all.

Plan B would have to be to stay in our Pj's all weekend and have a Harry Potter marathon. Either way, happy days!

Happy weekend. What have you got planned?