Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cloth Nappying

I have been persevering with Huggies disposables for a while now, but in all honesty I hate them. They don't sit on the little man properly. The grip tab bits sit right where his legs move so you can hear them slowly but surely coming undone and slipping down to expose his bum.

I wanted to try cloth when I was pregnant but there are so many varieties, brands, sizes, colours it all just freaked me out. I chickened out and went the disposable route.

Well not anymore. I did a bit of research and have decided to use the all in one cloth nappies, the non sized one so I don't have to continually up grade the sizes. The reason I'm looking at AIO's is less work for me, and I might have more luck convincing Hubby to go cloth this way.

He's been less than supportive of this, for God knows what reason. Every time I mention it he does this annoying laugh. So not funny. It's really grating on my nerves. He thinks they are expensive and a lot of work, and heaps of washing. I'm the one that does all the washing anyway. So an extra load every two days isn't going to kill me.

I did suggest if he's worried about the cost we could buy some second hand MCN's. There's a facebook page dedicated to buying and selling second hand cloth nappies. But no. Heaven forbid his son wears second hand nappies.

Okay Husband rant over................

A lovely friend Katherine suggested I give the dream dri version2 cloth nappies a go. They are on sale at the moment at Close Parent Down Under on facebook as they are trying to make room for their version3 nappies. I ordered 5 to try. I wanted 10 but the husband said no.

Fingers crossed I'm on to a winner and I can have a stash of cloth nappies for reasonably cheap.



Amy said...

Yay! I love cloth. Like you I did disposables at first, but I've been using Baby Beehinds ever since. I also use the AIO, because it makes them idiot (sorry, husband) proof. We bought 5-10 every time we had some spare cash, and now we've got a stash over 30, and as an added bonus, we won't have to buy any nappies for a second baby! That's a massive saving.

Hope everything works out- keep us updated!

Sarah said...

Thanks heaps Amy. I bought 5 of the pop ins. They arrived today so off to wash them 5 times :P Pity it's all wet and overcast here. Might take them a while to dry :(