Friday, November 19, 2010

'Show it Like it Is' Challenge

Nicole from Bubby Makes Three blogged recently about how lovely show room homes look.

You know what I'm talking about. Nice polished tables, bench tops that glean with cleanliness, not a piece of rubbish in sight.

I'm the first to admit I love a clean tidy home. I try my best, really I do.

But there are times, like this week, when I've been out of the house more hours then I've been in it.

When I'd rather go to the movies for the first time in six months then worry about vacuuming, mopping and putting on yet another load of washing.

When a clingy boy is teething and won't let you put him down for a minute unless you want to hear the shriek that will bellow from his mouth.

So anyway, this is the current state of my kitchen.

Pretty darn messy!!

I tell my husband all the time to take out the rubbish. He walks past the bin every morning on the way to the bus stop. But every single week our rubbish pile builds up. I get sick of nagging. So I guess I just turn a blind eye to the bin pile.

I actually did wash up last night. And even put the dishwasher through. But after that my cleaning burst ended. My energy stores were depleted.

The Amazing Race and a packet of M&M's were calling me. So the dishes were left to drip dry.

I did hope that the dishwasher fairy would come and unpack the dishwasher while I slept. She didn't.

So the breakfast dishes are still piled on the bench.

Sigh. What I wouldn't give for a cleaner right about now!!

Feel free to play along too.

That way I mightn't feel so bad for having a kitchen that looks like a bomb has gone off in it.



Maxabella said...

Good for you!! Looks great to me. I could handle that kind of mess. Stay tuned for reality at MY place very soon...!!! x

Bubby Makes Three said...

I love it!!!! Even your bananas haven't quite made it to the fruitbowl yet! I hate the bin pile, too. I've moved mine to the laundry -- outta sight, if not quite out of mind!! thanks for playing along x