Friday, November 12, 2010

A Very Special Remembrance Day

Yesterday the 11th November at 8.34pm my 15 year old sister gave birth to my beautiful baby niece.

She weighed in at a massive 4.43kgs, 57cm long and 36 cm head circumference. The not so little beauty is yet to be named.

She laboured for 13 hours drug free before having an epidural and catching a few Z's. Then she was ready to bring her daughter into this world. And I'm proud. So very proud.

I have been struggling with how I felt about this situation ever since I found out my sister was pregnant. And I guess I still struggle to see my 15 year old sister as a Mother.

But labour and birthing is just the beginning of a long, beautiful, rewarding, difficult and sometimes stressful parenting journey.

Now I just pray that her and her 'boyfriend' (I say that lightly as I'm not sure how long he'll stick around for) step up to the plate and love, guide and cherish this baby girl.