Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things that make me go HUH!?

The following things have made me stop and think "what the?!"

* Why oh why did poor Chez and Brenton's unit on The Block not even make reserve? Sure some of their decorating touches (such as fabric doors) weren't too everyone's tastes but seriously?! They put in all that hard work and got zilch for their efforts!

* Why Channel 9 WHY did you give Shane Warne his own television show? Are you that desperate to fill in a time slot?

* Why does a certain annoying bird come and sit on our balcony early in the morning and make loud noises? We have thrown bark at it and it still feels the need to come back day in day out and wake us up at un-Godly hours

* Why am I such a clutz? I have bruises all over my legs. Certainly not the hot Mumma look I was after

* Why do people turn nasty around the Christmas period? I went shopping the other day and the service I got in two different stores left a lot to be desired. Sure, I've worked retail over Christmas, I know it sucks. But snarling and frowning and being downright bitches isn't going to help your situation. Put a smile on your dial ladies!

** I saw this idea at Airing my dirty laundry and thought I'd play along too **