Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Little Vegie Patch

Operation Vegie Patch, as I've nicknamed it, went well on the weekend. We headed to the Farmer's Markets early. Okay well it wasn't that early but my body was urging me to stay in my nice warm bed, where as Hubby was ordering me to get up and get ready.

Anyway, we went and found heaps of cool little things. This one stall had herbs and plants for only $2 so we got the majority of our plants from there. They also had some tasty little food stalls, gourmet pizzas, fresh roasted nuts and a chai tea stand. I am proud of myself and resisted all tasty morsels, mostly because we weren't going straight home so they would have sat in a hot car... but I resisted none the less!!

We were keen to have radish in the garden but couldn't find it anywhere. We even tried Bunnings and Magnet Mart but it wasn't there either.

So here's our little vegie garden, I wish I had of taken before and after shots. There was this weedy look plant growing in there before. I think Hubby has done a great job and I can't wait until we're harvesting our own fruit (but mostly) vegies for dinners

The whole garden

Close up of the 'salad' garden as I like to call it. In the raised bed there's baby spinach, baby cos, rocket, watercress and salad lettuce. To grow over the stand we have snow peas and yellow beans. Then planted around the beds are a selection of herbs: rosemary, mint, basil, thyme, chives, oregano and parsley.

In this bed there's little dutch carrots and capsicum. And in the pot and around the pot we've planted some strawberries that randomly popped up in another garden.

You can just see our hanging baskets in the photos. In one of them we have more strawberries and in the other we have cherry tomatoes. Neither are growing particularly well at the moment. Here's hoping they start to do well soon!!