Friday, October 29, 2010

Why Hello There Friday

You're back. Nice to see you again.

Yes it's that time of the week. It's almost the weekend. It's so close I can smell it's sweet sweet goodness. We have many-a-things planned for this weekend.

* Attend our 1st ever Farmers Market
We're nearly out of fresh fruit and vegies and have heard people raving about the farmer's market so thought we'd finally go. We're also hoping to score some cheap herbs or plants for the vegie patch out the back. Have also heard they have some beautiful cheap cut flowers. My vase needs something pretty to fill it.

* Hopefully plant said cheap herbs and plants

* Buy some Christmas Gifts
I saw some Toy Story playing cards and also a Toy Story puzzle for one of my nephews. It feels like Christmas is just around the corner so we should probably get organised and get searching for some gifts

* Make some Christmas Gifts
I'm making some name canvas's for my niece, God daughter and a few other special little people. Have been searching for some cheap canvas's and ribbon and other little trinkets. I have the majority of things I need so I can at least make a start

* Buy A Grobag
I'm thinking of slowly transitioning Malachi from the wrap to a grobag. I bought a 6-18 month 2.5 TOG one for at night but need a 1.0 TOG one for during the day. Hubby thinks they're a gimmick. But hey he thought the bumbo was a gimmick and he's eating his words now!!

I think that's really all that's on the agenda this weekend..... What have you got planned?