Monday, October 18, 2010

Our first family trip

We went back to QLD last week for our nephew's naming ceremony. It was nice to visit family and friends who hadn't met M before but I'm so glad to be home. It was very hard sharing a place with 6 adults, 2 babies and a toddler. Hubby's brother and his wife stayed with the inlaws (who camped out in their camper trailer as there wasn't enough room in the house for all of us) and there were times where I had to bite my tongue so as not to upset the peace.
Brother in law and his wife would insist we be quiet when their little guy was down for a nap (even trying to get us not to flush the toilet, yeah right!), but there were times when their toddler was SCREAMING his head off when M was sleeping and they said nothing to him, nor attempted to get him to quieten down. One time he actually did wake M up and my brother in law came out to tell us he was awake, no sorry or anything. GRRR!!

On the way home we were in a car accident on the way to the airport. This stupid B1Tch ran up the back of our in laws car. M was obviously in the back in his car seat and we got hit from behind and the force of that sent us into the back of a taxi. He screamed, more from being frightened I think. I was in the back as well and have some neck and shoulder pain, from the whiplash I assume. She was totally rude, even after Hubby gave her a serve, saying she was an idiot, we have a baby in the car etc. Don't know why she was rude to us, she was the one who hit us!!!

My poor Father in law (who drove us to the airport) had to wait around for hours for a hire car to arrive as he couldnt drive their car home (home being 2 hrs away). And my new baby car seat is going to have to go to the dump. Brand new!! EEEKKKKK!!!!!!!! I'm hoping the crazy's car insurance will pay for a new one, don't see why I should have to, if she didn't hit us I wouldn't have to buy a new one.

M was good on the flights, hated the descent part of the flight but settled very well with a feed. The flights seemed to have caused him some belly pain so he's been waking 4 times overnight, so roughly 2 hourly Not much fun at all!! The first day of the trip he pretty much didn't sleep from 7am-5pm. We have started wrapping again. We stopped because the MACH nurse said it's a risk when they start to roll. Well I think he lost his sleep prompt so just kept feeding and playing then feeding and playing and didn't get that it was sleep time without the wrapping. And at least he's sleeping now he's being wrapped, even if it's only for a couple of hours. We've also started double wrapping as we have a little houdini on our hands!!

Poor little guy has a case of the snotties really bad. He woke up screaming after his bath last night, not just whinging but 'come get me now something's wrong' type screaming! It took forever to calm and settle him. I've tried everything to try and get rid of it:
  • Vaporiser, with and without some eucalyptus oil in it
  • Vicks on his feet
  • vicks on his singlet (not on his skin as it gives him a rash)
  • saline drops and saline spray 
  • Used a snot sucker, which he hates and thrashes his head around and screams the house down
  • Used a cotton tip at the front of his nose to try and clear it
  • put him in the bathroom when I'm showering so the steam can help 
  • Tipped his head back after feeding to ensure it's not milk sitting in the back of his nose
  • Raised his matress a little bit
  • We've also put a hanky with vicks under his sheet near his head so he can breathe it in, but it gave his face a rash, even being under the sheet. 
In happier news, M is rolling now. Intentional rolling too not just an accidental occurance. It seems he's figured out if he rolls he gets out of tummy time. Its so fun to watch. I never thought I'd be one of those Mums that talk about their baby achieving milestones/pooping/talking/feeding/sleeping etc. But I can't help it, I'm uber proud right now :-)