Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Okay not quite.... I guess I should probably explain a little bit. One of my younger sister's turned 21 back in September and I thought I'd make her an online scrapbook. That was until I realised I don't really have that many good quality, high resolution pics of her *sigh*. So I've been trawling madeit in search of some jewellery for her. If you knew my sister you'd know she is so extremely picky it's not funny and is one of those 'brand name' lovers. You know the type everything must be from that expensive store and must be showy and bling and cost a zillion dollars even if it is ugly.... BLAH!!!

Anyway, I am not giving in to her demands to spend up big and have set myself a $30 okay $40 limit, and I think I've found some pretty cute things. Not quite sure she'll love any of them, and not really sure whether they're worthy of a 21st present..... what do you think??

I honestly love them all and would be more than happy if someone bought them for me.
HMMM..... decisions decisions