Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

I swear this is what the little tyke is thinking!

What am I wishing for right now?

* The 17 week wonder week to bugger off. I was just getting used to sleeping a blissful three hours in a row. I am not liking the two hourly feeding that is going on in this little household at the moment. Apparently there's a 'sunny' week coming at 21 weeks. Don't think I can last another four weeks of two hourly night wakings. Thank God for Nescafe.

* To not be such a procrastinator. We have been umming and ahhing about whether or not to fly to QLD to celebrate Christmas up there. We'd pretty much decided we would be. Was just waiting for Hubby to stop piss farting around and come to the party. Anywho turns out flights are now going to cost us an extra $100 because we didn't book them a few days ago. NOT HAPPY JAN!!

* Wishing our backyard didn't smell like cow poo. We're constructing a vegie garden so we've added some poo to help enrich the soil. Pity it's not helping my sense of smell.

* Wishing our backyard didn't contain many bee loving plants. I am petrified of things that can sting so have been limiting my time outside. Which sucks as we've had a few gorgeous sunny days down here lately.

* For My Mother's pedophile supporting family members to piss off and stop trying to stalk me on facebook. WANKERS!!!! There's a reason I cut you from my life (and my son's life)

* Lusting after a blog makeover

* Sick of feeling like I have to do it all. Look after the baby, clean the house, make the dinner, do the dishes, load the dishwasher, put the dishes away, scrub the toilet, mop the floors. I didn't do it all when I was working full time so why do I have to do it all now?

Wishful thinking?? Probably.

In the meantime I can hear my massive mug of Nescafe and a choc chip cookie calling me.