Thursday, May 26, 2011

Emotionally spent

I was going to find a super fantastic photo to put at the top of my post but I couldn't be bothered.
So just pretend there's something fancy schmancy here.
Yep. I know.

Super slack blogger here.

The truth is I just have nothing to say.

I am exhausted. Just mentally exhausted.

I hate drama.

My family are all about the drama.

To cute a super long story short.

My 16 year old sister is pregnant again. She'll have two babies 16 months apart.

She's not with the druggo boyfriend anymore at least that's what they tell me. No, I'm pretty sure he slept with my 21 year old alcoholic sister no I'm not making this up.

Mum rang to tell me my sister was pregnant again. I was angry okay angry is an understatement.

My sister's excuse? She's never been on the pill so that's how she fell pregnant. Grow the feck up.

I think it probably annoyed the shit out of me more as I would lurve another baby. Yep, can't believe I'm saying that. Mrs I want-a-massive-age-gap-can't-deal-with-the-newborn-sleep-deprivation-again-anytime-soon.

But you know what. I'm an adult. And just because I want something doesn't mean I get it. We have a mortgage, and bills to pay, and all that other grown up stuff so for the moment having another baby is not on the cards.

I'm back to work Saturday butterflies much. But that's a post for another day.

So forgive my absence while I wallow in hurt/anger/disappointment/bitterness.



Loz said...

Bloody hell. That is a crazy amount to try and digest. Vent helps.
Good luck with work and take care of yourself xxx

Jacqui Honeywood said...

Holy crap! There's a lot of shit going down in your family. Make sure you look after yourself in amongst all that drama. Send you some seriously big hugs xx