Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Letter to Malachi - Three Months Old

A few days early, but thought I'd better write this letter while I have a spare five minutes.

Letter to Malachi - Three Months Old
Oh Baby boy look at how you've grown!! I can not believe three months ago you were still in my belly, about to be born. I feel like time is just flying by and I can not remember what my life was like without you in it.

You are an independent little being. You aren't that keen on being held or sitting on my lap. Which is sad. I remember when you were a squishy newborn and you'd lie on my chest, content to just be. These days you'd much rather lay on your play mat and bash poor Eddie (the Elephant) or swing your fists at Pup-squeak. You have started to grab on to things now, whether it's my fingers, or a toy. No matter what it is it ends up with slobber all over it. You new play thing is your hands and fingers. Whenever you get the chance you shove your hands in your mouth. I am constantly reminding you to be careful. You never listen to your Mumma and are always gagging as you attempt to put four fingers in your mouth, or even both fists at once.

You are such a delight. You have certainly found your voice and are more than happy to have conversations with us, even if it's 3 o'clock in the morning. When we stop paying attention to you you just talk louder or start your little 'look at me Mummy and Daddy' cough. You are a big flirt. It doesn't matter if it's a little girl baby or a Mumma you get your flirt on and charm them with your voice. You've also found a new love. Looking at yourself in the mirror. You love it when we stop in front of the mirror so you can smile and giggle at yourself.

You still love bath times with Mummy or Daddy. You love kicking and splashing about. I think you take after your Daddy and just love the water. You hold on to the bath support with your left hand (always the left) as you get pampered. You love having your hair washed and will happily lay there with your mouth open as we scrub your head.

You're still not too keen on tummy time. You are lasting for longer periods of time before you start to cry. You've managed to roll from your back to your side a few times, where you've just stopped, looked around, and decided it would be a good time to stick your fists in your mouth. You haven't quite mastered going from back to tummy or tummy to back, but I'm sure it won't be long before your rolling about and causing mischief.

You are so long and chubby now. You have nearly outgrown your bassinet and your 000 clothes! We are in the process of putting you in your big boy cot for day sleeps and when we get back from our QLD holidays you'll be in your cot at night. You are sleeping for longer periods during the night, which I'm so thankful for. You are still a boobies man and you are so efficient at feeding now. Gone are the half hour feeds, replaced by a quick 5 or 10 minute feed. We must be doing something right though. You've gone from a 3.4kg newborn to a 6.8kg 3 month old chubba bubba.

I am just so in love with you. You continue to amaze me each and everyday. Everyday is different and exciting. I can't believe you're here. My firstborn. My gorgeous little son.

Happy three month birthday Malachi.
Love your Mumma