Wednesday, February 24, 2010

21 Weeks Baby

Things are full steam ahead at our place. The rental looks like a bomb has hit there. There are boxes and boxes stacked everywhere ready to be taken to the new place and extra boxes thrown on the ground ready to be filled with all our junk. You honestly don't realise how much you accumulate until you have to pack it all up.

I have the joyous task of going through old uni textbooks/assignments/study notes this afternoon. BORING! But considering all I did last Saturday was give words of encouragement to the husband as I watched him pack up our bookcase I guess it's my turn to pack a few things.

Everything is going well with Squirt and I. It's been nearly two weeks since we found out bub's is probably a boy and I must say I'm so freaking excited! I think I just had to come to terms with the fact that my mother's intuition was way off. I did have a dream the night before our scan that bub's was a boy and we called him our favourite boys name. So who knows, maybe it was Squirt letting us know his sex early!?

Squirt at 21 Weeks

* Squirt now weighs about 360 grams.

* From crown to heel bub's is approximately 27 centimetres long.

* The eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed and the fingernails cover the fingertips.

* Our little baby can now hear our conversations. EEEK scary thought. Better make sure it's lovely words that come out of my mouth :-) Though I do put my angry voice on when Squirt is kicking like mad and it's sleep time. Doesn't do me much good though!

Mumma To Be

I've had a terrible few days at work so I'm so glad I'm on days off now. Sometimes I worry that the stress of my job is not good for our baby's health. I think I just need to remember at the end of the day I can only do so much and must put my health and the baby's health first. I have applied for my maternity leave (WOO HOO!) so my last day at work will be the 24th May. I am lucky and get 18 weeks paid maternity leave and 7 weeks of annual leave a year. I plan on taking all my leave at half pay so all up I'll have just under a year of leave at half pay. Pretty cool indeed.

21 Week Bump

Well I hear my uni textbooks calling my name. Must feed Squirt lunch and start the awful job of packing.