Thursday, February 11, 2010

Morphology Scan

We had our scan this morning and everything looks lovely. Squirt was mostly co-operative until we went to look between the legs!!! Fairly certain though that bub's is a ........ BOY!!

The sonographer managed to capture a frame showing the testes and scrotum.... hopefully she's right and knows what she's talking about/saw. I don't really think you can mistake those kind of bits! She said she thought it was a boy after scanning for 5minutes at the very beginning of the ultrasound. So we'll stick with boy for the moment. With her being so indecisive though makes us not want to rush out and buy all boy things.

Bub's is measuring 2 days ahead and was so playful. Had it's thumb up it's nose and refused to show her one of his feet and hid behind my belly button whenever she tried to look at the foot!! I'm in awe that the husband and I have created someone so perfect. Can't wait to meet our bub's and get to know them.

Considering I'm 19weeks and 4 days today I won't bother with a 19 week update. I did take some belly pics at 19 weeks though.
Belly Pics



***Amy*** said...

It's a BOY!!!!!!! Congratulations. Boys are great (I have one of my own!).

So glad to hear that everything is going well :) How is the house stuff going?