Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello Hump Day

This week is going by super fast. I guess when you work three 12 hour shifts in a row half a week goes by pretty quickly. Everyone at work is amazed I'm continuing on with the 12 hour shifts instead of dropping back to 8 hour shifts. But I love having four days off in a week. It's like a mini holiday every week. Except when I'm busy like crazy (like today) and have a million and one things to do.

We handed over $1000 for the townhouse today and filled in some paperwork. Now we have to find a solicitor, look at house insurance and contact our mortgage broker and kick his bum into gear to get all the finance stuff started. Our landlord wants it all happening ASAP because the longer it takes for the settlement the longer the place sits vacant and he's paying mortgage repayments on an empty property (it used to be one of his rentals).
Speaking of the landlord. The bloody guy .... we ended up paying another $3500 for the property because the one that we turned down sold for $15 000 more than we were offering to pay for his place. I was very very pissed off **insert pregnant lady hissy fit here**. He was the one who said we could have his preoperty for the same price we were offering for the other place. It wasn't our fault it sold for more. He rang the husband and said 'the property you turned down sold for $15000 more than you offered. I've left the key at the townhouse for you to look around again. Once you've done that call me and let me know if you think you're ripping me off!!' WTF!!!!!

His attitude was very offputting and we were thinking he would want another $15 000 for his property, which we absolutely can't afford with me going on maternity leave shortly. But in the end he was reasonable (I guess) and we just paid for the new carpets and paid for the painting to be done (all the things he was doing to the place anyway). But we love the place and can see us and bub's there. And it's only going to get more expensive to buy a property. May as well get into the market now.

Everything is going well with Squirt and I too. Bub's is still wiggling like crazy and doing it pretty frequently now. Still not moving hard enough for husband to feel but fingers crossed it won't be too long.

What's Squirt up to this week: Week 18

* Bub's is approximately 14.2 centimetres long from crown to rump and she weighs about 225grams

* The chest moves up and down to mimic breathing but baby's not taking in air, only amniotic fluid.

* The hearing is now functioning and Squirt is listening to my heartbeat

Belly Pics