Thursday, March 24, 2011

And the judgements continue

I forget which one of my favourite bloggers was speaking about something similar the other day.....


A recent debate about vaginal births and c sections has gotten me thinking, why aren't we happy unless we are judging or criticising or putting someone down?

It feels to me like if you say ' I had a drug free vaginal birth' it's in some way something smug to say. Is it not just speaking the truth? Can we not be happy for this person, if they achieved the birth they wanted?

If someone said ' I had a c section' are we quick to judge that Mum and perhaps think 'they took the easy way out' or 'they were too posh to push'. Why do we not just think that she made the right decision for her and her baby?

It just seems like whenever the word children is mentioned, whether it be in regards to birthing said child, feeding the child, disciplining the child there is never a moment when you are not judged.

Have you felt the judgement of others recently?



Kathleen said...

You're so right, Sarah. Once you're a parent, suddenly you're fair game - everything you do is going to rile up somebody, and they're going to let you know about it!

So silly, isn't it. Everyone out there (well, most people anyhow) are working their hardest to do the right thing by their kids, who are we to tell other people how they should do it based on our values. (obviously I'm not talking about crazy things like hitting kids here, you know what I mean :) )

Live & let live, so long as nobody's being endangered!

Great post :) x

Bubby Makes Three said...

I guess that's true, I have on the odd occasion had a few scathing remarks to something I've said... but luckily those have been few and far between. I reckon your blog should be a place to put yourself and your dirty laundry out there. No one has to read your blog, or agree with it. Get your own blog if you have a problem, I say!! ps. I have sent you an email re your question on my blog. Have a good weekend...

robyn said...

Hey, Just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog. Just found it and I am really enjoying it. I also just saw that your boy was born on the 30th of June. We would have been in labour together! I was induced on the 29th but didn't have my daughter until the 1st of July. It's always so nice finding someone who has a little one the same age! Looking forward to reading more from you. Robyn