Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let's go shopping

Shopping ain't what it used to be. I used to just do my hair and make up, grab my bag and out the door I went.

These days I get ready, I get the baby ready, I make sure I have the 100 essentials packed in my nappy bag, I change the baby, because we all know they like to poo just as you're heading out the door, put baby in the car, drive to shopping centre, take baby out of the car, put him in the pram. And by this stage I'm well and truly over it, he's normally grizzling I just do a quick shop and go home again.

Gone are the days of leisurely browsing to my hearts content.

So I have started online shopping, well browsing at this stage. I'm so tight with my money I baulk at the prices.

Here's what I'm loving at the moment...

Sigh... a girl can dream right?



Bubby Makes Three said...

I like that clutch!! Just wanted to drop a quick line and say thanks to you for your advice on my blog today, it was much appreciated! Love the freezing prune juice in icecubes tip, Im doing that tomorrow! You are wonderful to have given me so many ideas. Thanks again and have a lovely weekend! x