Thursday, March 31, 2011

Word Vomit

You know I like to over share right? Right?

Well here I go again...

* I have spent way too much money lately on the little guy and none on myself I should add. We are trying to finish off his nursery so we've bought some very cute jungle prints, are stalking looking at Etsy for two wall decals for his room as well as a new rug of some description.

* I have imposed a no nappy buying ban on myself. Refer to the above point of spending too much money.

* Looking at booking flights to Cairns for FIL's 60th. Holy hell talk about expensive. Flights (two I should add making a 6+ hour day of travelling with a 14 month old!) + accommodation + car hire = ohhh I don't know about $2000. Holy feck!!

* Have replaced one breastfeed a day with formula so I can look at returning to work when I stop procrastinating and call my manager. Feeling guilty and sad. Must keep telling myself it's just milk.

* Got a text message from Mum asking if I'm angry at her, and if I am to please call her. What the feck!! Passive aggressive much?

* Took the young one to the GP yesterday as I found a lump on his neck. $70 lately I find out it's just a lymph node post viral infection. Though I did learn you have lymph nodes on your head as he also has a raised one there too. Feeling like a dumb nurse that I didn't know that.

* Off to the dentist Tuesday. FFEECKKKK!!! Have not been for way too long. Is it weird that I'd rather birth a baby then go sit in that dental chair? My heart is racing just thinking about it. Though this dentist is all for sedation. Hmm might tell him to get all the dental work over and done with at once or I'll chicken out and won't go back!

Do you have a fear of the dentist? Any tips for travelling with a toddler?



Loz said...

Dentists make me feel physically I'll. I can't even make further comment as I'm already jittering with nerves. Ah.

Travelling with bubba? Distraction is your BFF. All the toys he's never allowed to play with, y'know...keys, sunnies wallets? Use them when all else fails!

I tried to prolong em's I could feed her on take off to help her little ears :)

Loz said...
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