Friday, May 14, 2010

A Woman of Leisure

That will be me in less than a week WOO HOO!! Only 4 shifts to go and then maternity leave. Can you tell I'm really very excited :-)

We had our 2nd birth class last night which was nice. A mumma who gave birth the day before came and shared her story, and even bought the little guy along. 2.8kg of tiny bubba goodness. So darn cute. And he made this tiny little crying noise I don't really learn anything new from the classes (since I learnt most of it at uni) but I think its a definite eye opener for hubby.

Our cot and change table/drawers arrived yesterday. Stupid toys r us only have 1 delivery guy so he couldn't carry the stuff up the stairs so it's been dumped in our kitchen. Hubby had something cut out of his back the other day so he can't lift anything too heavy. So I lugged the cot up to baby's room this morning and we're setting it up tonight. We don't even have a mattress for it, but at least it's a start. I go through periods where I feel like birth is AGES away but then I realise I'll be 33 weeks pregnant on Sunday!

Bub's has been rolling now for quite a while instead of the kicks. But I think over the last week or so bubs might have turned head down (fingers crossed) as I have heaps more room up near my ribs, my belly feels soft up there now and the rolling feels different. That and the hiccups I feel are now in a different spot. I think bubba might be having a growth spurt because I'm hungrier than usual and sleepier than usual (though that could be just due to tossing and turning all night )

I have been thinking of labour a lot lately. Part of me has this 'can do' attitude where I truly believe I will be okay with the labour process. I am attending birth classes, I'm reading my calm birthing book and I've spoken of techniques to use with hubby so we're both on the same page. But then self doubt creeps in and I think 'who am I kidding? I can't DO labour!!' I guess the only thing I can do is think positively, arm myself with as much knowledge as possible and cross my fingers and toes that all goes well. I know labour is no walk in the park, but woman have been giving birth for many many years and if they can do it I can too :-)

32 Week Bump Pics

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***Amy*** said...

I was so scared of labour for such a long time....and then somewhere (about 40 weeks) I just kicked into 'yeah, I can do this!' mode. It's funny, I felt like I was a bit of a backseat driver during labour- the baby wanted out, my body wanted to get it out, and all I had to do was stand by the wayside and let my body and the baby do it's thing.

You are stronger that you give yourself credit for- and labour will prove that to you!