Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Things I've Learnt

* Babies are hard work! And in the beginnning really don't give that much back, except for lots of poo. But I don't really think that counts.

* Being a mother does not mean you are perfect. There are times when M is being a pain in the back side and I am getting frustrated that I lose my temper and feel very disappointed in myself. Motherhood and mothering is a learning process and even though I'm only 6 weeks into this gig I'd like to think I'm doing okay, and even great some days.

* Malachi loves Kate Miller-Heidke! I used to play her when he was in my belly and his love for her continues. We dance around to Can't Shake It and he smiles as Mummy sings out of tune. I've tried to capture his smile on camera but he's a little camera shy it seems. I will capture that smile, when you least expect it Boy-o!!

* Fresh air everyday really does make a difference. We went outside yesterday while I had breakfast, and it makes me feel alive and invigorated. Pity it's all rainy here today so we haven't gotten our daily dose of vitamin D today. There is always tomorrow

* A mantra really does help. When we are having a crappy day I have taken to saying "This too shall pass". Certainly helps me get through the day and nights when he won't settle

* Chocolate helps too, especially my new favourite Cadbury Coconut Rough (I think that's what it's called). Or my old favourite peppermint certainly is a winner as well

* The bouncer is my friend. M loves it and will (80% of the time) settle himself to sleep in it during the day.

* Having a hobby is a productive way to let out creative vibes. I am going to be the size of a house if I keep spending my spare time baking, so I've decided to try my hand at scrapbooking. And if that doesn't work or I get bored I can always do a mammoth jigsaw puzzle. That'll keep me entertained for a while

* It's great having friends who are Mummies as well. I have sent heaps of text messages to my friends when I've been stressed, happy or sad and they are always there, willing to listen and give advice. Much love to them :-)