Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Positive Vibes

Hello lovely followers. I need some positive vibes and thoughts sent my way. Pretty please!? I have a lump in my boob which I assumed since I was breastfeeding was just mastitis. I took two courses of antibiotics and the lump is still there. It hurts like crazy when the little guy feeds off that side and kind of pulls from under my underarm (weird I know). So I'm off Monday to have an ultrasound done and possibly a biopsy if needed. I am so scared and stressed and thinking it might be cancer :-( I am hoping like mad it's just some crazy hormonal thing but my mind keeps thinking the worst.

So pretty pretty please pray for me. Send some loving positive thoughts my way



Amy said...

You must be feeling so scared. I'm sure that everything is fine, our ducts do all kinds of crazy things during breastfeeding and I'm sure it's just a blockage of some kind that they can remove easily.

Praying for you on Monday