Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Loving pretty little things

There are some really amazingly talented people in the world... excluding me!!

I did manage to make some name canvas's for some special little girls for Christmas.....

But that's as far as my crafty-ness goes. Hubby thinks I could sell the canvas's, but I'm not so sure. I really wish I was blessed with more crafty goodness, but alas it wasn't meant to be. I can't even sew on a button. I bought some curtains last week that need unhemming... fingers crossed I don't destroy them in the process.

I have recently discovered Dalli Cottage and they are giving away one gorgeous apron. Check out this pretty little thing.

So head on over, say hi and you could be in the running to win one.


MultipleMum said...

Hoping your messages are working?

I think your canvases are great (especially if you call yourself a 'non-crafty'). Well above my skill levels :)

Cate said...

You sound so like me - love looking at everyone's crafty goodness, but not so much blessed with too much skill.
Meanwhile those canvasses are pretty darn good!!

Anonymous said...

Hi hun! I've tagged you for a Stylish Blogger Award over on my latest blog post (

Hope you get a chance to do one too - I'd love to read more about you <3 Racheous xo