Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not so lazy baby

WOW! I know two posts in two days :-) I have just gotten home from my midwife appointment. My appointment went well. Blood pressure is still the same. Had a different midwife and she was great. Wish I had of seen her from the start! She answered my questions without treating me like an idiot so thats good.

And my little baby isn't so lazy anymore. 3/5 engaged with it's little back on the left still (and feet sticking out under my right ribs again!) So only 2/5 of the head about my pubic bone. Still crossing my legs that it stays put until my machine arrives. I do have an appointment made for 40+1 but hoping I don't make that appointment. I told my midwife that I am hiring a TENS and she was raving about it. So hoping it helps us achieve the birth that we are after.

Happy Days :-)