Monday, June 28, 2010

The countdown

WOO HOO 39 weeks pregnant! My TENS arrived on Friday so I'm ready for bub's to arrive. I went and got the carseat checked at Kidsafe (for free, how cool is that) and hubby did a good job of installing the carseat. I just had to buy this $5 carseat hook thingo so the seatbelt stays tight.

I am feeling heavier in the pelvis since my midwife appointment so maybe bub's has dropped a little more. Have no idea when bub's will arrive but I'm generally feeling comfortable during the day so I'm not wishing away the last of my pregnancy. Sleeping sucks though. Because the baby is on my left hand side I feel like Im sleeping on a rock! And sometimes sleeping on my right hand side isn't very comfortable either. I am desperate to sleep on my back or tummy again. So over sleeping on my side.

I sent hubby out Saturday to pick up our pram so that's all assembled now. Even pushed it around the loungeroom for fun. We ended up getting the mountain buggy swift in red with the carrycot as well.

My nesting now means that I am sick of how much crap we have (boxes left over from moving)!! So can't wait until our new tv unit and DVD storage arrives. At least that will get the TV off our desk. We sold our old fridge and freezer yesterday so thats less crap we have in the house now!! So pleased. Sick of just having stuff around the house that we don't need. It's really annoying me LOL. Now just to sell our old desk. That would make me happy.

And my enemy is back ....... constipation !!! Oh dear God I was nearly in tears this morning (TMI!!!) I have started on Iron tablets every 2nd day and now it's gone and blocked me up. Definitely the last thing I need so close to labour, that and dermatitis on my nipple!

Anyway that's enough of the oversharing for one day. Here are our 39 week belly pics

39 Weeks

Just ignore the nice scratch marks on my belly.
Trust me to scratch right before we took pictures. Oh the joys of dermatitis