Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hat trick fail

Maybe this is how you get a baby to sleep through the night?
Just put them in a sink?

Malachi has always been an okay sleeper. He wasn't one of those babies who woke every hour for a feed as a freshie thank God. But he's never consistently slept through the night. I could count on three fingers one hand the number of times he's slept through.

I thought we were on to a winner. The beginning of continuous sleep thrus. He slept through after we went out for dinner Saturday night, and then he followed it up with another sleep through Sunday night. He was waking earlier though, but I thought that was a good compromise seeing as though I just got an 8 hour block of sleep.

With baited breath we went to bed last night, hoping and praying he'd sleep through again.... and of course he didn't.

It was worse then usual.

Normally, he'll wake for a feed once overnight and be back asleep in a matter of moments. I'd probably only be away 30 minutes max. Last night, oh last night he thought being awake for two fecking hours would be a good idea. We changed him, I offered more milk, I rocked him, I layed him on my chest. But he was just intent on piss farting around, squirmy and playing with the clasp on my maternity singlet.

GAAAHHHHH babies are so frustrating  adorably unpredictable. Even now the young one is fighting his second day sleep, you know, just to mix it up a little.

Babies, gotta love them.



Loz said...

What's with today? All our bubbas must be in kahootz with each other..and planned a sleep strike.
Might have to try that sink trick ;)