Monday, July 26, 2010

One of Those Days

Master M has decided he'll only sleep in my arms today, so I apologise if my spelling and punctuation are not adequate :-) I dare not put him down incase he wakes up...... AGAIN!!!

I had many things on my to do list I was going to tackle today, but alas those things will have to wait until tomorrow. I have managed to extracate him from my arms and onto his lambs wool for 30 minutes so I have at least baked some biccies and vacuumed the kitchen. I think he might be getting a little sick, he sounds very snotty but I can't see any snot, figure that one out!!

We went out on the weekend with C so that was good. I need to gain more confidence with taking Malachi out by myself so the more we can go out with hubby the better. We went to the markets and got some tasty bread, fudge and nuts and also managed to go to Trade Secret and get another bra that's the right size. If only I didn't have such big boobs! I could only find one in my size but there were many a bargain to be had if you aren't so top heavy!

We are off tomorrow to a friend's place who had a baby boy 6 days after Malachi. It will be nice for them to 'meet' each other now they are outside in the big wide world.