Tuesday, May 4, 2010

When it rains, it pours

For most of my pregnancy (except the first 14 weeks when I was spewing and spewing and spewing and lost 7kgs) I have felt great. Granted, I never really did get that 2nd trimester 'energy kick' I have heard so much about, but I have been loving my body and loving growing this little person.

But over the last week or so my body has been SCREAMING at me to slow down. It all began last Sunday when I ended up on the maternity ward. I thought about what I could do to ease the stress and decided to change my 12 hour shifts back to 8 hour shifts for the rest of my roster.

Then I found out last Tuesday that the left side of my pubic bone is sitting higher than my right so the physio pulled it and tried to drag it back to the same height as the right side. He tried 3 times and it's still out of wack. He's a good looking physio that used to work on my ward!!! I was so embarrased. I had on a hospital gown and just my knickers. At least I'm getting used to not having any dignity now. Preparing me for the embarassment that is labour. I was due to go back for more torture session today but I still have a cold and didn't really want to infect people with my germs so have had to reschedule.

I Went to my GP yesterday as I woke up with an awful pain in my right calf. Now I have had leg cramps before and have just massaged the spot and they normally go away. Well not this time. This one has decided to stick around. Just to be on the safe side I am off to have an expensive ultrasound of my leg this afternoon.

And if that wasn't enough my blood pressure is high and the doctor is worried about pre eclampsia. Only good thing is there was no protein in my urine, which is a good sign. Will just check my BP weekly until I see the midwife and see what they want to do in a couple of weeks. I have my fingers crossed that the pain in my calf turns out to be an extremely nasty cramp and that once I go on maternity leave (on the 21st May WOO HOO) my blood pressure returns to normal.

In other news our weekend was great. It was nice seeing the inlaws again and go out for a special dinner. They were super excited to see me pregnant and got to feel the baby move around a bit which was special. I was very sad to see them go yesterday. Makes me realise how lonely I am down here sometimes, with only DH and a few friends. Hopefully in a few years time we can move back to QLD and be a little bit closer to them. I think it's important for bub's to know his grandparents.

Well better go shave my legs for my ultrasound. Don't want to shock the sonographer with my gross hairy legs!

31 Week Bump