Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grumpy Pregnant Person

Well apparently, according to darling husband, I'm a grumpy pregnant person. Hmmf. He should try battling 24/7 sea sickness and dealing with rather large boobs that hurt like crazy. I told him once he's had constant nausea then he can lecture me. Until then...... ZIP IT!!

Last week we told close family members that we are pregnant. Mum burst into tears straight away and told me we've made her christmas and made her year. Im not an overly emotional person but nearly I was crying in the middle of Kmart when I could hear her crying. Mum and I arent super close but she's so so excited. She just kept saying "im going to be a grandma'.
I rang and told dad too (him and mum are divorced) and he's pretty excited. He's worried we won't cope financially etc but when I told him I get 18weeks paid maternity leave he kinda relaxed after that.

My sister rang the night I told mum (we haven't spoken in 2 months because she's a selfish cow, but thats a whole other story) and congratulated me on our pregnancy and acted like we were best friends. And then proceeded to tell me how her and mum were talking about whether DH and I are old enough/mature enough to have a baby. What The Hell!? As if it's any of their concern. I replied with 'well it's our choice and we thought through our decision financially/emotionally/career wise before we started trying for a baby'. Honestly, some people need to realise that somethings in life are not about them, ie our decision to have a baby.

Im also annoyed because DH's grandma told all the aunts and uncles that we are pregnant. We actually sent out a little note with the xmas cards telling people the news ourselves. Honestly, it's our news to share so people should respect that. DH think's im just being a grumpy pregnant person but I would rather hear from the people themselves then from a 3rd party. I know she's probably only excited but it's our first bubba and I would rather people hear it from us.

Well we're nearly 12 weeks pregnant but I still thought I'd do a little 11 week update:

What's Squirt Up to This Week: Week 11

Squirt now looks like a baby, with tiny but fully formed fingers and toes. As his body grows and becomes more developed and functional, he'll start twisting and turning like an acrobat, cushioned and protected by your amniotic fluid.

My Symptoms:

*I have to get up and go to the toilet once or twice a night this week. Never had to do that before. At least I go back to sleep quickly.

* I have to sleep on my side with a pillow between my legs. Anything else is too uncomfy.

*My belly is feeling a little firmer around my pubic bone. I think I read this might be the uterus moving up?

* My belly is looking hairy.... EWWW

* My breasts are looking veiner

11 Week Belly Picture