Thursday, February 10, 2011

Holy Moley Man - a post for Lauren :-)

I've been a super duper slack arse blogger. I do have a few excuses reasons though:

* The young one and I made our first ever solo trip on an aeroplane together to visit the fam. It was shit average but Malachi loved seeing his Ma and Pop (hubby's Mum and Dad) and I'm missing them like crazy too!

* The boy also decided to cut his first tooth the night we got back from said holidays. We Hubby was up from midnight until 4am rocking and patting and soothing the very distressed bub.

* He also decided to catch a viral infection at the same time which saw temps hovering around the 39 degree mark. The viral infection saw the boy turn into a fresh air-atarian (as my friend Sarah called it). He went off milk, solids and water.... stressful fun times had by all.

* As a result of said fresh air-atarian diet my milk supply plummeted and I'm back popping pills like a druggie on the fenugreek and blessed thistle to increase my supply again.

* I went and saw my GP. I love have oodles of respect for this man.

I told him I thought I was struggling with PND. I told him I saw another GP whilst he was off getting a tan while he was enjoying his holidays and she wanted to put me on Zoloft AND Xyprexa AND she wanted me to stop breastfeeding (as according to this piss ant GP there's no benefit in breast milk after 6 months).

I think poor Richie nearly fell off his chair! But any woo, we have a plan. I need to find me a psych, he'll write me a mental health plan and I'll hopefully be back on track and loving life again soon.

* I've been too busy loving everyone else's blogs that I couldn't be arsed run out of time to write my own.

I'll try not to be so slack.... promise!


Amy said...

I'm so glad your GP was able to get you some real help- you deserve it!