Thursday, January 13, 2011

Words Don't Seem Enough

Unless you've been living under a rock you'll realise that 75% of QLD is now a disaster zone.

My Mum, who lives in Toowoomba sent me a text message the morning the tsunami like water hit the town. She said she'd never seen so much water. I thought she was just exaggerating. Then I had a look at the Ninemsn website and couldn't believe my eyes.

My hometown. The place I'd grown up in, the place where I'd lived for 18 years was rocked to it's core by a massive amount of rain. Flash flooding in the centre of town. All my family and friends are safe and well, unfortunately this rain has claimed lives.

My sister's boyfriend saw a family trapped in a car. While others watched on helplessly he tried to save a Mum and her son... unfortunately he couldn't and both were swept to their deaths. Little Jordan Rice, 13 died because he asked rescuers to save his younger brother first.

The city centre looks like a bomb has gone off.

My Dad is on a property in Condamine and they are trying to sandbag his wife's house. Crops are holding water back but once the water goes over the crops, a lot of water will be heading towards her house.

Please pray that no more lives are lost, and that those missing are found safe and well.

Chalk Drive in Toowoomba

This was taken yesterday. Apparently the sign is now under water


One of the main streets of Toowoomba

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MamaBear said...

Sarah it is so devastating. I am so heartbroken for you and your family and friends. Your hometown. Such loss and destruction.

The news of Jordan today had me in tears. What a boy.

I pray your family escape any further heartache, you will be in my thoughts.