Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Back

Well it's certainly been a while since I've been in the world of the web. Things were so darn hectic with the packing of the rental, cleaning of the rental, moving of boxes into new family home, unpacking of boxes in the new home that we've only just got the internet connected (after much drama..... thanks Telstra!)

Soooo much has happened in that time it's kind of hard to think of where to begin! All went well with our move. The townhouse still isn't 100% set up but is slowly getting there. We are trying to find a new TV unit to fit in a particular spot between two windows, it's driving us batty trying to find something appropriate!!

We haven't even started looking at baby stuff. Though I did see that Toys r us are having a sale on cots so the husband and I are off shopping tomorrow to hopefully find one. At least we've finally decided on a pram. The mountain buggy swift. Hopefully in red with the bassinette attachement. Husband wants the green one but I'm liking red more.

I'm certainly on the count down to maternity leave. I'm hating work at the moment. I went home early the other day and just sat in my car and cried my eyes out. No one at work is helping other people so it makes it hard to give good nursing care. I feel mentally and physically exhausted and so can't wait to leave, only 4 weeks to go. Our new boss is a big creepo and has made a few inappropriate comments about us pregnant ladies!! And also told me he wants to have a hip replacement so he can have more sex!! What the hell!!

I've recently started physio for a back injury I sustained at work so hopefully I have that sorted before labour I got up last night to go to the toilet and my back had seized up. I couldn't walk. Just had to stand and massage my back until the pain dulled enough for me to walk. Oh the joys of pregnancy!

But I better say that I am enjoying pregnancy (I just read my post and it sounds like Im just a whinger ) It's so lovely to feel bub's wriggling and rolling around. Bub's is my personal alarm clock. Every morning at around 5am it'll give me a kick in both sides to wake me up I'm loving growing this little human being.

Every person it seems wants to comment on the size of my belly. Some say its big others say its small. I'm getting a little sick of it. Being a first time mum I have no idea if Im 'big' for this stage of pregnancy or not so these comments while I'm sure are meant to be harmless are starting to freak me out and make me worry about bub's size.

Belly Pics 
You can tell when we moved :-)
No belly pics between week 25 and week 28 as I couldn't find my camera!

25 weeks

28 weeks

28 weeks
28 weeks

29 weeks

29 weeks

29 weeks (my belly button is trying to be an 'outie')

A close up of the outie


***Amy*** said...

Your belly looks perfect :) Let us know how your bellybutton goes, mine kept threatening to be an outie but never got there....kind of just because really really flat. I was disapointed- really wanted the cute 'outie' experience :)

Hope things settle down for you again soon!

Todd said...

I must admit that while your pregnant belly pics are all quite beautiful,I'm rather confused about the status of your bellybutton.You say that it finally became an outie,but the pic that supposedly verifies that fact just doesn't confirm it for me.To me it still looks to be an innie,but not a deep innie the way it looks in your week 28 pic.However,it really makes no difference because pregnancy innies are also appealing and pleasing to look at,especially the really deep ones!!!!!!!!!!