Friday, January 15, 2010


The lovely Amy's post got me thinking about housework and what I do and what darling husband does in terms of chore's around the house. We're generally pretty good, and get in and get the house cleaned up together (he even managed to keep the house nice and tidy when I was dying of morning sickness).

Well yesterday I had the nesting urge so I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned (and even managed to go through my wardrobe for clothes for Vinnies) but also realised there are things that I absolutely won't do.... NO WAY!! So here's my list:

* Touch or empty the rubbish
EWW gross no way siree. Darling husband does get a little cross sometimes as I'll just keep filling up the bin even when it's quite obvious it needs emptying. I'm a lady, I don't touch rubbish. If I'm in a particularly kind mood I'll just pull out another rubbish bag chuck it on the floor and start to fill that one up too.

*Tidy up his messy room
Firsts things first yes we do actually share a room together, the room is just quite small. Lucky for us we have a spare room (which get's used twice a year by the in laws) so this is where darling husband's chest of drawers lives. Now, you'd think his clothes live in that drawer. Yeah right, who am I kidding. Yesterday I folded all the clothes and even put away his undies and socks, but that was it. The rest of the clothes went on the spare bed for him to put away. But there were other clothes on his bed (and floor) in various states of use. Which makes it doubly hard to tell if they're clean, half clean, due to be washed etc. They eventually make there way to the washing basket after some nagging by me.

*Dust the house
I absolutely loathe dusting with a capital L. It's so so gross. It freaks me out. Do you know what dust is? Dead skin cells, dried feces and dessicated corpses of dust mites. HOW FREAKING DISGUSTING!!! No wonder I won't dust.

*Wash husband's frying pan covered in meaty scum that's been sitting on the stove for 3 days
No bloody way. All the meat fat has solidified so you have to put it in some hot soapy water to get the fat to melt again. EWW, I'm vegetarian and the thought of putting my hands in a sink full of meat scum fat repulses me to no end. Sorry hubby, that's one you'll have to deal with yourself.

But you know besides that, we're a pretty good team :-) Now that I'm pregnant we've kind of swapped roles. He used to dust and vaccum and I used to do the toilet and bathroom. Now, he's taken on the bathroom job (and actually cleans the shower very well) and I've decided to vaccum. He can keep the dsting though, I'd rather clean 100 toilets than get up close and personal with dust.



***Amy*** said...

Hehehe....I totally agree with you on the dust factor :)