Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Home to Call Our Own?

Bit of a Background Story

The husband and I have been looking to buy a place ever since we got back from holidays in September. We've found quite a few we liked and were so disappointed when we'd miss out by $2000, $4000 etc. Since we live in the ACT the housing market is EXTREMELY competitive and the fact that so many people are moving down here this month to start new jobs/go to university doesn't help our cause......


We found a townhouse we love!!!! Its a two storey 3 bedroom townhouse with ensuite and little backyard, new paint and carpets, heating, overlooks a golf course, has a swimming pool, gym and tennis court in the complex, Is in a corner (so nice and private). It belongs to our current landlord and his wife and they said well it's yours for XX amount (which is well within our budget). YAY YAY YAY!! This place just feels like home. As soon as I walked in I could imagine us living there with our little bub. Chilling out in the backyard, drinking wine under the umbrella whilst Squirt rolls around on the grass.

Now just to pray that our finance comes through since DH just started a new job in December. We have preapproval with a bank already so just hoping they don't dig around too much. Im sure DH's work would give the bank a letter saying they're not going to fire him etc And he's earning more in the new job so hopefully that helps.

PS: I told Husband we certainly need the baby carrier so I feel like I'm not going to drop our newborn down the stairs in the townhouse :-) Good reason, right!?