Thursday, October 29, 2009


It seems that we've finally done it. We are actually pregnant *insert scream here*
After my pity party post on October 16th it seems like the universe has listened and has given us our own little miracle to nourish and cherish.

We are so super excited (Darling husband more worried and anxious than excited.) I got home from work yesterday and still no AF so I thought I'd test (as I was sick of wasting pantyliners) and I saw those pretty pink lines. Im in such shock. We only BD'd once this cycle as I was away, and I was sure I was just wasting my last First Response test. But the 2nd line came up in less than 2 minutes!!

I rushed out yesterday and bought a little jump suit that says mummy + daddy = me.... and put the test in with it and wrapped it up in army wrapping paper!!! (The only wrapping paper we have in the whole house) LOL.
So I told DH last night and he was the typical boy, he just kept saying 'are you sure'! And to make it worse the POAS kinda fell inside the wrapping paper so it just looked like i'd given him some random baby suit LOL. I had to say.... ah there's more in there. I think it'll take him sometime to adjust to the whole idea (not being the most flexible person when it comes to change) But after I told him i was pregnant I went to get up and make a cup of tea and he said 'no i'll do that, you're in no state to be getting up ' And he's rubbing my belly and calling me mum so I think he's excited but worried at the same time.

Well I thought I'd let you know the symptoms I've had:

Increased CM. It actually made me wonder whether I'd actually O'd yet or not

REALLY sore nipples. I have a jumper on now and no bra because it's just killing me

And some nausea. I could only eat half my breakfast this morning.

And that's it. I still can't believe it. Im totally petrified and freaking out. But I'm sending positives vibes into the universe and praying that this little bundle will stick!!

I can't get in to see my GP until Wednesday, but Im not too worried. The 2nd line came up super dooper fast so Im pretty sure Im pregnant. Just need to get bloods etc taken.

AHHHHHHH I'm going to be a mummy in July 2010!!! SO SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!



Zoey said...

Oh YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!! I'm SO happy for you :) It seems to go that way... when you least expect it... when you stop trying so hard. Did for us too!

You have the same symptoms as I did at that point. Oh that and I needed to pee every 3 seconds.

Fingers crossed and praying everything to go well with the GP appointment.

Did I mention how happy I am for you??

Zoey x