Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Been a While

So it's been a while since I sat and did some blogging and I'm sad to say that there really hasn't been that much happening in my life.

I have just gotten back from a week in Toowoomba to visit the fam and let's just say it was about as fun as watching paint dry. I have two younger sisters who I have decided to distance myself from as they are just so selfish and self centered and dare I say it, ugly people. Now, don't get me wrong I love them. I just don't like them. And until they are nicer people I really don't want them in my life. Harsh? Perhaps. But after putting up with this for the last 3 years or so I think I've earnt the right to step back from them and concentrate on my life with my darling husband.

Now, on to the baby front. Or lack thereof to be precise. Absoluetely nothing is happening. Zilch, nadda, zip. It's bitterly disappointing not to be pregnant. I'm pretty certain I "o"ed whilst I was in QLD (away from darling husband) so I'm 99% certain we won't be seeing that BFP this cycle. Which means we'll be on to cycle six. I know I keep saying this but I honestly didn't think it would take this long for us to fall pregnant.

Darling husband's parents are coming down for a visit in mid November and I always imagined that we would be about 12 weeks pregnant and be able to share the joy and happiness with them in person.
Instead, I'm sitting here sad and disappointed that God hasn't blessed us with our own bubba yet. I know it can take up to 12 months for healthy couples to fall pregnant BLAH BLAH BLAH. It still hurts that we aren't pregnant. It still brings tears to my eyes when I see all the gorgeous pregnant ladies with their swelling bellies walking around the city.

I just don't know what to do, think or say.... Where to from here??