Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

Well we are home from our wonderful trip to New Zealand and I must say, that is one beautiful country. We drove around the south island and it was just spectacular. It wasn't too cold, it was green, there was still snow on the mountains. It was just super to get away to a beautiful place, even for just 2 weeks.

The start to the holiday didn't go so well as the airline we flew with had some issues with their electronic check in machine thingo... so the air hostess's were counting everyone on the plane, then recounting, then recounting, then counting some more. We ended up being delayed by two hours. Definetly not the best start to the holiday. That coupled with the fact that poor husband was sitting RIGHT near the toilet the entire flight.... well let's just say he wasn't a happy chappy when we landed in Christchurch.

We didn't do any of the adventure type thrill seeking tours while we were there. We did a glacier landing (so beautiful) a lake cruise at Franz Josef, the gondola tour at Queenstown, the Milford Sound cruise and so much more.
We actually pre booked and paid for everything before we left Australia and the night before the Milford sound cruise husband and I both got food poisoning (YUCK) and we so weren't in the mood to drive two hours on an awful snow covered road. But because we had already paid for it we didn't want to miss out. But let's just say 90 minutes on a cruise boat while battling food poisoning probably isn't the best idea. The boat took us out to the Tasman sea and wholey moley I nearly puked again it was so damn choppy!!!

But we're home safe and warm (well kind of, the weather in Canberra is pretty awful today) and have most definetly caught the travel bug. Husband is putting his CV on some European job sites and we're hoping that we will be able to work and travel around Europe next year some time. And maybe even fit in a trip to Japan.

On the TTC front all is not going so well. The not temping thing is doing my head in and we'll most definetly go back to temping next cycle. I just hate not knowing where about's I'm up to in the cycle. We definetly didn't BD at the right times so I think we won't see that BFP this cycle. Oh well I guess it's not over until the red witch arrives, but I definetly don't have high hopes this cycle.
Well off to buy my sister a pressie for her birthday. Stay warm!!