Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blog This Challenge

If you could choose a day, a week, a moment in time to re-live - what would it be?

Just a quick one from me as I should really be tidying the house before we drive to Sydney.
I just read Zoey's response to this week's blog this challenge and it got me thinking... what moment would I relive?

Well of course my wedding day was fantastic & such a beautiful day in my life. The matchbox twenty concert I went to was pretty frickin' awesome as well.... but the one moment I would like to relive would probably be the last time I saw my Nan.

Nan passed away when I was just 8, and I didn't know it at the time that she was dying of Leukemia. I remember driving to her house, a 4 hour drive from where I grew up. I remember my aunt filming me just sitting on Nan's lap and I remember the card game 'clocks' that my Nan taught me to play.

We had a family reunion, and Nan let me hammer a hole in a bottle of softdrink and I remember walking around the yard on the night of the reunion just swigging out of my bottle. My cousin was there too and I remember we played that 'clappy' game, you know.... 'you're mother, my mother lived down the street, 18 19 Marble Street....'

I remember singing songs with my sister as we sat on the stairs that lead to her front door. I remember when it was time to say goodbye I bawled my eyes out because I didn't want to leave Nan. Like I said, I didn't know it at the time that it would be the last time I would see her. But a part of me thinks that perhaps my 8 year old self knew something wasn't quite right and didn;t want the moment to end.

So why do I want to relive this particular moment,out of all the moment's in my life? Because Nan truly was the most beautiful wonderful person in my life. I would love to go back there and hug her one last time. To take in her smell and to get one last photo of us together.
I miss my Nan so much & would love to see her again, even for just one day.

Here is the beautiful song 'Nan' by Robbie William's that sums up how I feel about my Nan.

Well I'm outta here for two weeks. Take care & stay safe